To check whether someone in the workforce is using drugs, authorities perform a drug test to perform a check. It includes the testing of one’s blood, urine, saliva, sweat, or hair. The drug test detects the presence of substances that should not be there normally, except for some steroids and hormones that specialists measure as a part of sports testing. The basic procedure of the test is that the lab specialists compare your readings with some initial stable ones they consider as the standard readings for the human body.

Drugs that are often tested are,

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Morphine
  • methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Steroids
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Why are drug tests done?

·         For employment purposes

Imagine someone is considering hiring you. Therefore, the employers will have detailed scrutiny of your previous records. They’ll also check whether in the past you did drug abuse or you are a recovering addict. Additionally, they’ll also ask you to undergo a drug test, so they may see whether you are regularly drinking or not. Office owners and other workplace employers also carry out regular or surprise drug tests to make sure that their employees are not under the influence of drugs while working.

·          Testing of Athletes

You must be aware that competitions nowadays are all about winning. Criteria and levels are set that winning is everything. Consequently, athletes do anything to win and get fame, popularity, and money. That also includes using performance-enhancing drugs. Therefore, professional and college athletes now take certain drug tests in order to enhance their performance for the next game. If a certain athlete fails his test, it means he is overdosing on a drug or using something illegal. It may result in that player getting a suspension or a fine or, in some cases, both.

·         Testing for forensic or legal purposes

You may have seen a lot of driving under influence cases in the newspaper and on television. Well, drug tests identify if the person driving was really under the influence or not. The parties involved always have to take a drug test. They do it to ensure they weren’t under the influence of alcohol or any other drug to be eligible to testify.

·         For monitoring patient

Some doctors give out certain opioids to patients for chronic pains. Now they will monitor you by doing regular drug tests to ensure the patient is taking the right amount of medicine. Doctors also take tests to make sure that you do not develop an addiction to the drug.

How is a drug test done?

You need to follow these steps when taking a simple urine drug test,

  1. You have to wash your hands
  2. Clean your genital area thoroughly with a cleansing pad or washing cloth at hand.
  3. Urinate in the toilet and move the collection cup under your stream of urine and collect it.
  4. Close the sample bottle when you fill it to the marked point and finish urinating.
  5. Return the sample container to the people at the lab.

Now, you have to wait until the reports arrive.

Tips on coming clean in a drug test

Now imagine you have a drug test coming up, but things are not in your favor. You went out and got drunk the night before. However, now you have to take a drug test and pass it as your job is on the line. It was just a harmless drinking session, but the office admiration won’t believe all that. What to do now? Here are some handy tips on how to avoid failing a drug test,

  • Try the Removal of THC Metabolites method. By this method, you can remove all the THC and its metabolites from your body, but this does require a few weeks to work. You need to exercise regularly and maintain a good and balanced diet for some weeks. Taking additional supplements in the right amount will also quicken the process of detoxification. I recommend this method for someone who has a month or so before their test and is aiming to remove THC completely from his or her system.
  • Now, if your test is in a week or two, you can remove most of the THC from your system. You just have to drink a lot of water and urinate and flush out all the THC metabolites. You also need to take electrolytes and vitamins to modify the color, creatinine levels of the urine, so it looks and seems natural. I recommend this method for people who need a quick fix and do not want to work hard for it but still need to get clean.
  • Now I know this sounds a little shady, but you have to do it when nothing else works, and you want to come clean. Replacing your urine with a synthetic sample like jet clean synthetic urine will most probably work and fool the lab technicians.
  • All the tips I gave above are for urine tests, but what about the other ones like blood, hair, saliva, and sweat. Well, fret not, quick fix provides you with state-of-the-art urine, samples like the quick fix plus, and various antioxidants that will help to stabilize the THC levels and that will fool any lab specialist or technician. Nevertheless, all of this will only work when they aren’t supervising you. However, in case they’re present there, you have to play safe and smart. For this, use an eyedropper to carry synthetic urine and replace it while pretending to urinate. 

We know that the hacks mentioned above are really helpful and good tips that will most likely help you pass the urine test. But you’ve to bear in mind that you should be responsible if anything goes wrong. Therefore, it’s essential to act wise and know what is good for you. Don’t let drugs destroy your life and never let it be the reason for your failure. Once you get addicted, it’s very hard to bounce back.


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