We may have heard mention of synthetic urine, but what is it and should we be aware of it?

Synthetic urine, is just as the name suggests, it is a product which is made to resemble human urine in every way and in fact it has the properties of urine and is used to mimic urine. Like natural urine, it contains water, creatinine and uric acid. The PH value of a substance measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is and synthetic urine is developed to have the same PH as regular urine. When labs test urine samples, the density of the liquid is also considered and taken as part of the measurement, syntheticurinequickfix.com is designed to have the same density too.

You could be asked to provide a urine sample in a variety of circumstances. Often when you are  ill, your physician will ask you to provide a urine sample and that will be tested for various indicators. if you are embarking on a sporting event, there are substances which are banned and a urine test will determine whether your urine is clear of the banned substances. If you were stopped by the police or arrested, you may be tested for certain drugs or if you were about to begin a new job, your prospective employer may require to screen your urine. Being part of a rehabilitation programme may require that you provide regular urine samples for analysis. When giving urine for a test, you would normally be asked to go to the toilet and produce a sample in a sterile bottle. Your sample will then be taken and analysed by a technician for any of the substances for which it is decided to test. The results are reported to the person requesting the test. There are circumstances which demand a urine test or urinalysis and by refusing, you would not be employed or would not be allowed to take part in the sporting event for example.

Urine testing or urinalysis is a cheap and effective way of obtaining a profile of banned substances that a person may have ingested. When a substance is ingested, it is broken down by the body into component parts and even after the effects of what you have taken have worn off, the metabolites can still be detected in urine and that remains the case for a period of days afterwards.

Some people would tend to use synthetic urine if they were attempting to pass a drug test and would use it when they know that by submitting a sample of their own urine, they would fail the test, so essentially by purchasing synthetic urine, they are presenting a clean product which will have no trace of any type of drug and will essentially pass the test.

Drug tests are very sophisticated and can detect all manner of substances and even in small amounts. If you are planning to use a synthetic urine product and want it to be identical to natural urine, you must make sure that you are buying a product from a supplier who can guarantee the product. The sample must be of the same density and temperature as the natural product.

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