Are you a big scrabble fan? I mean physically. Because you’d have to be pretty tall to be able to play scrabble on this giant ass board that’s over 7 feet tall. It’s 5 times the size of the original and includes 100 tiles that contain rare earth magnets, presumably to keep them from falling on your head while you play. Of course there’s nothing stopping someone from throwing them at your head because they don’t believe that “za” is a real word. (It totally is.) Of course if your family game night is anything like mine, it wouldn’t be the first time a board game ended with someone going to jail (real jail, not Monopoly jail) for assault. If you need help playing this giant game, you can check-out scrabble word finder (for both the US and the UK), which also calculates the word score.

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  1. Joel

    Want. But not for 12K. Does look incredibly well made however.