Have you already played Rubik’s cube? How fast do you solve one? Or how will you improve in playing it? Well, techniques and getting ahead of it are way too easier now that it has become a Smart Rubik’s Cube.

So, let’s start first with this.

Getting to know Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s cube is a puzzle that contains cubes with different colored faces. It is designed with 26 smaller colored blocks that are attached to a spindle at the center. Each block of the object is being rotated until it reaches the single color of the cube. This process is very simple but requires a deep analysis, and this idea is Erno Rubik, the creator. His goal in creating this Rubik’s cube is to help his students to understand the three-dimensional problems. From the year 1974 that it was created, the Rubik’s cube have been evolved from its shape, a number of blocks, and up now as getting digitalized as a Smart Cube.

A smart Rubik’s cube is also called a connected cube that is incredible and is connected to apps. It has an app that is great to use to let you keep track of every step or movement you do when playing the Rubik. You can also learn and improve your skills in playing it through the app. Competing on global challenges, leaderboards, and even simply playing it are also available.

Connected Cube Key Features

  • Evolution

The Evolution of Rubik’s in the gaming world is a way to advance as it goes digital

  • Connect

What’s new and great with Rubik’s is that you can now link it to your phone or even in a tablet to its connected cube. Through its connection, you can now enjoy a new dimension in solving the cube.

  • Solve

Solving your cube is easy as you will the chance to take a track of every movement you make. You can also learn more about how you will solve the iconic Rubik’s cube with an additional helpful tip, different tricks, and an interactive guide for you to do.

  • Improve

Solving the cube in speed is easy once you mastered and able to solve it through analytics and stats. Tracking your performance and your game progress are also available with this new connected cube.

  • Interact

Playing and solving cube would be more fun and interactive as you can meet and connect with cubers all over the world. You can challenge them into a live battle and even watch your name climb up to the global leaderboard.

  • Play

Last and not least is that you can have fun accessing a different range of missions and games with the smart cube. This will also help you improve your skills without realizing it as you are only enjoying it in solving.

What’s More With Connected Cube?

The Rubik’s connected cube weighs 102 grams and has about 57 millimeters. It comes with a sophisticated box and a charging cable used to recharge the cube. Using the cube is pretty easy, smooth, and handy. What’s amazing with this cube is that it is connected with an app that is available for Android and Apple users.

To access the app, you need first to log in and fill out the personal info required. In the app, you can see the battery level status of the cube, so you can easily check when you need to recharge the cube. It has a timer that you can use to predict how fast you can solve a cube.  You can also have a play match with connected cube by inviting co-cubers that are also online or available. There are different matches that you can try with this smart Rubik. Shuffling the cube is easy and can be done through the app. It will tell you how strong your scrambling is. The game available is Simon, Cube Hero, Patterns, and Cube fight.

If you are also a beginner, you don’t need to worry as there is also a tutorial in the app for you to manage to solve the cube easily, from basic up to the advanced ones. This Rubik also uses a smart sensor to continuously track every movement and measure the activity that you make. A Bluetooth 5.0 is also available for a quality wireless connection. Another great thing with this is it has lower power consumption so that you can play longer, and it is a rechargeable one. It is also a magnetic speed cube.

Frequently asked questions with connected cube

  • Is connected cube good for Android or Apple/iOS?

Yes, it is good and available on both Apple/iOS and Android phones.

  • What is it made of, tiles or stickers?

The colors of the cubes are stickers

  • Is this magnetic?

Yes, it is a magnetic one

  • Is it out now?

Yes, it is! So, place your order now!

The Rubiks are now connected and are more sophisticated as it is the smartest, most innovative version of Rubik. A new design equipped with advanced sensors connected to an app through Bluetooth so you can easily see your every move in real-time. With this reimagined Rubik, you can now connect, solve, improve, interact, play, and challenge. Its app is available or downloadable through google play and App store.

If you want to learn, measure your speed, and level up in your mastery in the Rubik cube game, the connected cube is great for you. As simple and easy as connecting it through your phone, you can get to learn new techniques and get to connect with other players all over the world. You can also get to learn from them, and they can also be your partner and competitor in a battle online.

It is an educational toy great to gift for your kids, friends, and of any age to play on. So, if you are looking for a gift, add this Rubik connected cube to your cart. Overall, having this cube is worth it as for money wise, educational, this also helps improve your analytics, speed and you will have the opportunity to socialize with other cubers.

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)


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