Eating healthy food that provides your body with the nutrients it needs is the most important thing you can do to lead a healthy life. This applies whether you want to gain or lose weight. Healthy food gives you all the elements that help your body get the energy it needs to perform all its functions. Building your appetite may be a bit challenging at the beginning, almost as challenging as trying to lose weight. But when you’re consistent with your diet routine, your body starts to get the hang of it. It’s like training your body to gradually accept your routine, as well as make it long for healthy foods. There are many ways to do that, so here are 6 easy tips to have a better appetite and gain weight in a healthy way.

1.   Add Healthy Calories to Your Meals

Fatty foods have a lot of calories, but they aren’t necessarily healthy. Some fats are so wrong for your body; they cause health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol, which leads to heart problems and other illnesses you want to avoid. Healthy calories can be found in protein-rich foods like meat and some vegetables. Using butter for cooking is also another way to add some calories to your food and make your food tastier as well. You can also add olive oil to your salad and maybe some cheese to make it more delicious and add calories to it. If you don’t like cheese, then you can add some nuts instead. Nuts are excellent sources of proteins and other healthy elements that your body needs, this why they are considered excellent appetizers.

2.   Use Healthy Appetite Stimulants

There are many causes of a decreased appetite, health-related issues can be some of them. Many people who suffer from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress experience a significant loss of appetite. Other people lose appetite due to other disorders and illnesses such as food disorders, decreased metabolism, chronic diseases, and much more. Patients are prescribed drugs to help them feel the urge to eat. Some examples of these drugs are antidepressants, zinc, Delta 10 THC, antipsychotics, and so on. These drugs are very good at improving the appetite either by providing the body with missing elements, as food supplements like zinc do, for example, or working on the brain and the body receptors, like antidepressants and other drugs which also improve the appetite.

3.   Break Down Your Meals into Snacks

Eating your three main meals is very important to maintain a healthy life, but if you want to increase your appetite, break those meals down into six or more snacks instead of 3 main meals. Having a bad appetite can make the idea of a big meal discouraging, but when you feel that you’re only going to eat a small snack every few hours, you may find that motivating. Make sure to add something you find tasty to your snacks, for example, add cheese and vegetables to a chicken sandwich. Another way to add something tasty to your snack is adding peanut butter or chocolate spread on fruits that aren’t too sweet like apples. Honey is also both healthy and delicious to add to your foods and drinks for sweetening. With time, your appetite will start getting better, then you can start to gradually increase your portions to gain more weight.

4.   Keep Your Favorite Foods In Your Fridge

A great way to motivate your appetite is to have your favorite foods available, so you find yourself motivated to get your next snack. If your favorite foods are not the healthiest, you can always add nutritious foods to them. For example, add fruits to your chocolate spread sandwich, or more veggies and meats to your pizza. Your emotional state is a huge influence on your appetite, so knowing you have food you consider delicious available all the time will help you have a better appetite. It’s also an excellent way to train your body to relate food with something positive. This will eventually help improve your appetite.

5.   Play Mind Tricks on Yourself

Simple tricks can go a long way. For example, dividing the food on your plate into small parts will give you the feeling that you’re about to eat less. Another smart trick is to use bigger plates for smaller portions. When you feel that your plate is empty and that there is little food in it, you will be more encouraged to finish your food. Another way is to put small portions on small plates. This will also give you the feeling that you have little things to munch on, and that the meal is small and you won’t be eating a lot, so you will be more encouraged to finish your food.

6.   Make Eating a Fun Activity

Having a meal with friends or people that you love can be a very good way of improving your appetite. When you relate food to something nice and pleasant, having your meals will automatically become something you look forward to. You may also do something that you very much enjoy before or after your meals, so whenever you think about having food it’s always related to a pleasant activity so eating becomes associated with enjoyable events or happy memories.

The human body works in mysterious ways, and the brain can easily be manipulated into making connections between eating and doing something exciting or fun. Also just tricking yourself into feeling that you are eating smaller portions may seem like a simple idea, but the results can be surprising. Most importantly, however, you should try to find the real reason behind your appetite loss and excessive weight loss to find the appropriate solution to your issue. The ultimate solution to most issues is to stay healthy at all times so your body gets everything it needs. This should protect you from developing any kind of deficiency that affects your appetite negatively and make you start resenting food. Food is meant to be yummy, so make sure you always see it that way.

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