Burnt Impressions is selling this toaster that toasts selfies onto bread. For just $75 you can have a very vague depiction of your face on a piece of toast. Whoa, that’s like Jesus status! Still, how naraccissitc do you have to be to warrant buying a selfie toaster? I don’t know, but my guess is VERY.

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  1. Bingo

    I see may pieces of cat toast in the future.

  2. The Great King Beleth

    Usefully useless. Selfie toast is as foolish sounding as racoon gang rape and not even half as exciting.

  3. DJ Particle

    Is that a picture of Smooth-E? O.o

  4. duckab234

    Shit, I see many slices of cocktoast flooding Instagram.

  5. SuperSwagBro

    Someone’s getting a dick printing toaster for Christmas.

  6. Joe Blow

    Hitler toast?

  7. Guest

    Does it do bagels?

  8. Linda

    What a great gift for the person that has everything.

  9. no

    omg thank you

  10. Robb Volkel

    Who is the guy on the toaster, because he looks just like me! creepy

  11. lindamermaid

    Can you change the image or is it one picture only?

  12. Karla Campos

    Extremely cool, you can get brand creative with this. Perfect for social media conferences and events!

  13. Dave

    It’s a personalized post. Whoever looks at it, it looks like them.

  14. Mike

    So Awesome!

  15. evowimaxuser

    It is going to make Jesus Toast so much easier…

  16. NoCalDataDiva

    It burned his mustache

  17. Charlie Sommers

    So basically you can invite friends for breakfast and they can eat you?

  18. Griff Jim Griffith

    Have some toasty, buttery, tasty me!

  19. Flarbo

    It’s Tobias Fünke

  20. Michelle Godkin List

    No, he doesn’t! You’re a baby.

  21. Jeremy Nicoll

    Perfect for all of those trying to be like Jesus.

  22. Shelley Davis

    I want one.

  23. Donnalynn Gerhard

    This is cray cray crazy. Fun? Werid? If that toaster took a photo of me, yikes it will,probably burst into flames or just blow up.lol

  24. Daniel Wink

    I wish I had one of these when I had the Bed and Breakfast. The guest would have loved it.

  25. Scooby

    What about a picture of anyone you wish? Gandhi? Rasputin?

  26. Walter Kemble

    Trez Kewl -JeeZus Lives!! xoxo

  27. Johanna

    i want one lol

  28. Charlie_O

    I s’pose nobody in the office lunchroom can say, “I didn’t know that was your BLT” if if your face is on it.

  29. Peter Jones

    Had exactly the same thought! lol

  30. DERP

    That’s freaking hilarious. Doesn’t have to get into psychology or consumerism, it’s just freaking funny.

  31. greenpunkergirl

    I guess it’s a good reminder to put down the carbs…

  32. Roland Scott

    Well, look at your NAME, dude!

  33. yvobalcer .

    The comments are unbelievable, get your heads out of the gutter.

  34. reddonnaann

    Giving new meaning to the phrase, “Dude, you’re toast!”

  35. Michelle Matthews

    What does “naraccissite” mean please?

  36. the_npp

    Actually this is gonna be BIG in the porn industry! Why just this morning I ate a topless Mylie Cyrus! (Heh.)

  37. robert owen

    I like it.

  38. Arlene

    Not sure i have friends who are narcissistic enough to do selfies on toast (well, ok, maybe a few…), but I can definitely think of friends who would put their pets’ pics on it.

  39. Renee

    Does the toaster make everyone look like Walter White?

  40. Cyclopier Utopia

    Get one with Jesus or the virgin Mary on it and your set for life.

  41. Gail Baxter

    Are people really this bored????

  42. Hibiscus

    What if two people are looking at the post at the same time?

  43. Briannaa Ariel

    So, then….Jesus is toast?!!!

  44. ReaganGirl

    Just found Obama’s birthday gift…

  45. Terry Pattison

    the pics arnt even the same!

  46. matt @ UBERHUB

    this would make cafes very rich indeed

  47. daniel.cantu

    well I want to put my mother in la
    w in it that bitch needs to burn

  48. Shannon Hummell

    i would put my car on that

  49. cooltoasters

    Yes the inserts are interchangeable.

  50. Julie Jordan Dillon

    It’s a great Birthday Present for my narcissistic friends!

  51. unkymikey

    so, apparently ur dick pik can fit on toast … sad

  52. Simon

    At least once you’ve been toasted, you look like Gandi.

  53. Cuchulainn

    I’d get one for Reagan but corpses don’t eat much and Nancy would just say no. Besides, toast is poverty food.

  54. DeepThinker


  55. Cortinaynay

    That looks nothing like me.

  56. Joe Shmo

    Yes toast is poverty food. However, under Obama, you get a free toaster with every slice…and MY tax dollars are paying for it. 😉 -p

  57. Jodi Meadows


  58. narcissist

    the answer to your question is spelt g-o-o-g-l-e.

  59. mikesweeney

    I’d need a French roll toaster to fit my duck pick

  60. kari

    I think it’s funny. My kids would love it.

  61. Michelle Matthews

    I was being sarcastic – “naraccissite” isn’t a word. Not even on Google. it was, therefore, a rhetorical question. But thanks for answering! 😉

  62. ReaganGirl

    LOL. Who keeps taking selfies, bro?

  63. jj

    75 dollars for a toaster that only toasts 10% of the bread. What a time to be alive.

  64. The Great King Beleth

    It’s a waste of money. Buy them books, arts supplies, or just teach them that learning can be fun. Putting your face on toast is novel and you gain nothing from it. It’s mindless.

  65. Bernie K

    Great way to prank the paranoid schizophrenic.

  66. Jessica

    You may notice dumbass that pictures make things smaller. Hence the mans tiny face.

  67. Tiffany Salling

    We know that, but the joke was worth the few giggles it illicit. All in the name of a good nature teasing. Although I personally think the toaster is a bit much.

  68. Basil Henriques

    So the only white left would be the eyes and teeth ?

  69. Bruce Brown

    Does that mean your inbread?

  70. BunnyPussy


  71. Pat Engness

    Well, heck yeah…..if you can do more than one picture, maybe

  72. Glen Broemer

    i think the question is, how narcissistic do you have to be to eat your own face? and the answer is, not very.

  73. D'oh!

    D’oh! I’m having a bad/no hair day!

  74. D'oh

    D’oh, I find it disturbing that you know how exciting racoon gang rape is.

  75. narcissist

    OK, i get you now. lol. sorry. my bad. touche.

  76. Jacques Coomans

    Ok cooltoasters,
    I have some questions, 1) how much detail can the plate etch on the
    bread from the plate, a bald headed bloke is simply but what about an
    attractive young woman with long hair, 2) I want to get 3 plates made 2 (
    one of each truck manufacturer ) and one of the young lady
    formentioned….3) I live in australia and we are on 240 volts, can you
    supply this type of toaster or can the plates fit into a standard toaster

  77. Capt. Sarcasm

    No, you have to buy the one toaster that has your face on it…
    You will probably have to visit a lot of stores before you find it.

  78. CamReed

    On the company’s website it says this:

    “For just $75, you can now order a custom image toaster that will brown your face, or any other image you submit into toasted bread. Includes a unique coupon and instructions to redeem for custom selfie inserts at a future date. Let your friends and family decide which photo they want on toast! Comes with a starter plate for added anticipation.”

  79. The Great King Beleth

    I finding idiotic that you would take something said in jest and take it literal.

  80. lindamermaid

    Yes I saw that but perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. Is it easily reconfigured (i.e. plates or pieces that can be rearranged?) or do you have to pay another $75 to get another face? If that’s the case, I’ll pass.

  81. lindamermaid

    Well I’m not that unique. There are probably thousands of toasters out there that look like me.

  82. Surleighgrl

    I thought the toast looked more like Stalin.

  83. iluvbooks

    uh….can’t imagine who would spend the money!! lol

  84. Goddess

    not sure if this is self absorption to the extreme, or a brilliant way to tell someone to “eat me”?

  85. jumbybird


  86. bgdog1960 .

    I hope you don’t vote !!!

  87. Defenseman13

    why is someone named Jessica defending dicks like this?

  88. Defenseman13


  89. Defenseman13

    right, because toast is the food of choice at those events.

  90. Yankeu

    He only said it *sounds* exciting. Not at all disturbing.

  91. Yankeu

    Art is less novel and you also gain nothing from it. And chess. Archery. Glass blowing. Banjo playing. Life. Point taken, of course, but we can’t wait until we do everything worthwhile before doing a few stupid things for shits and giggles. It makes life more… shitty and giggly.

  92. Paul Forrest

    Imagine if someone took a photo of their butt-hole and served this for lunch.

  93. Paul Forrest

    Want to go on a diet, put your ex’s photo, or your leading country’s politician in there. Toast will become very repugnant and just about guarantee you to lose appetite and weight.

  94. Carl Stevenson


  95. Kevin Nelson

    It’s a miracle!

  96. Brian Kerk

    How did they work out the technology so that it only toasts pictures you’ve taken of yourself on to bread? Is there some algorithm in it that can sense when a photo was taken by someone else? Or knows if it’s a photo of a bridge, or a cat, and rejects it?

  97. visual

    Get over it. People can do what they want with their own money without needing your economic advice.

  98. Sue Booth

    *THE* perfect gift for the narcissist in your life.

  99. Sue Booth

    Are you for real?!? lol

  100. Sue Booth

    Yes, people *can* do what they want with their money, but using it to feed (literally) your own ego is a tad over the top. What about putting that money to GOOD use and helping the homeless, animal shelters, the disabled, charities, and/or the starving in Africa? The world is f*cked if people think this piece of [email protected] is necessary in life.

  101. Kellie Mowery Hatcher

    This would be awesome if ran a lunch truck or owned a cafe as such .. Not so much the selfie as some kinda logo or a template you could change like a billboard. Messages to loved on at lunch little support for reaching goals after the $75 overhead. Lol could be fun.

  102. Edward Padilla

    This would actually be pretty cool for like a mom-n-pop diner – I wonder if they could upload like logos and stuff –

  103. R Scott Carlson

    Good one Broseph

  104. manley

    Relax Jess..he said just the head..better now & it was a joke by the way…;)

  105. Heather MacAndrew

    If you use raisin bread will it make you look like you have acne? if you use gluten-free bread, does your facial expression automatically become smug? These are important questions to consider before whipping out your credit card.

  106. Rabbi Burns

    No, baby face

  107. Yugpeej

    Title toast?

  108. StephBr

    You mean Lenin

  109. Yugpeej

    Damn autocorrect TIT toast

  110. StephBr

    I am caucasian but like my toast very dark, won’t work for me

  111. Mary

    Totally butchered “narcissist.” Invest in spell check.


    Quid pro quo ….
    Warren Rodwell is still alive

  113. Sir Cumfrence

    That’s what she said.

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