Want to shit gold? I mean, LITERALLY? Just swallow one of these Gold Pills and all your glittery doo-doo dreams will come true. This product is totally for real-real and not just for play-play. The pill capsule will set you back $425, is filled with 24-karat gold leaf and dipped in gold. It’s brought to us by Tobias Wong and Ju$tAnother Rich Kid. Their inspiration is the man who has absolutely everything. Yes, the man who has everything… except for glittery shit. The rest of us? Well, the rest of us are trying to make ends meet and hoping to poop as discreetly as possible.

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  1. uksceptic


  2. wut

    pay $425 just to watch golden poop being flushed -.-‘

  3. Ozz

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… nice!

  4. lol

    worth it as long as you poop in a public place

  5. Calvin

    Tywin Lannister would love this!

  6. Myori

    soo how about them side effects..hmm I wonder how that’s going to turn out. Everything that seems good isn’t always good for you. Take the Radium Girls for example..sadly, they had to learn the hard way.

  7. Ed

    First cookie butter, now gold glitter poo pills. This story made my day.

  8. GoldPooper

    I had like 10 of these so far.

  9. desiree

    Back when I was in high school my friends and I put glitter in our water and drank it… our poop had glitter in it. It was the funniest thing ever. If you try it make sure theres a lot of glitter in the water. A few spoonfulls at least. It doesnt hurt going down. You wont choke.

  10. Adam everaert

    I strongly advise pet owners to use those pills on their pets, sidewalk would suddenly become so much apealing …

  11. Adam

    Also people would volunteer to pick the poop up.

  12. Coco

    You don’t need to pay that much. My kid has glittery poos every time he does arts and crafts… just eat regular glitter, it works just fine.

  13. SighRN

    Too bad they didn’t put it in their head b/c this a sh** for brains idea…#gonetoofar

  14. Mark Castro

    It’d be impossible to collect enough poop to break-even on a refiner capable of separating gold leaf from poop.

  15. kool aid

    I want glittery shit what about glittery diarrhea.

  16. aidan

    I like picking up shit.

  17. insomnicat

    no one likes fake gold and any girlfriend will check your stools to make sure you ain’t shitting the fake stuff! She’ll go get it appraised and everything!

  18. alexyokorker

    this is not healthy

  19. mandrakken

    This is really quite brilliant, however, the report is ruined by the journalists lack of writing skill and passive agressive subtext.

  20. Kay Dann

    Ha who needs gold poo when you can crap all the colours of the rainbow. Crayola Crayons people. That’s where the sh*ts at.

  21. fako namo

    Just drink a few shots of Goldschläger. Duh.

  22. Richard Castaldo


  23. dopperpod


  24. Les

    Save your self the hassle of ordering one… I will gladly clean up your dogs shit for 425 a week lol

  25. AnAngel

    Midas touch doggie park

  26. Jacob Lee Jackson

    No, just burn the poop in a controlled environment. Bio material is not like an element that binds to it e.g. silver, titanium, etc. It’s not a poop alloy haha

  27. Cody Erdmann


  28. Teddy Fjerdingstad

    MÅ ha. Løper & kjøper. ,p

  29. Bobby Daugherty

    Glitter can, and has, cut up the GI tract causing perforations, infection, and sepsis. NOT a good idea!

  30. Robert Malin

    Nah, it’d just get lost with all the peanuts

  31. Train

    Gold is Toxic…

  32. Rob

    Heavy metal poisoning??

  33. Meg Hinley

    It’s true. My dog ate a 24-pack one time. He shat rainbow-chip brownie dough.

  34. Raphael48

    “This is quite brilliant;* however, the…..”
    And this guy’s critiquing the writer of the article?

  35. Russian55

    Gold is a heavy metal, like lead. This would be dangerous to consume.

  36. jacob

    bitch thats disgustin

  37. Guest

    kkkkkkkk nice food

  38. Rogerio Costa

    I want glittery shit what about glittery diarrhea. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  39. Gabi

    This isn’t plastic glitter. It’s 24K pure gold leaf, and is perfectly safe to digest.

  40. CaptSensible

    If you spend $425 on a pill to make you shit gold flecks then you need to be kicked square in the taint. Hard.

  41. Mark Pointer

    Oh please, stupid people, please, please do this!! One little flake, getting stuck in a nook or cranny of your intestine and WOOMP there it is! INFECTION! One little NICK in your colon and BOOM! There it is! SEPSIS! Go for it! The gene pool needs bleaching and this is proof!!!

  42. buddy

    I wonder if they did this to see how many people would spend the time to talk about their poo……

  43. canislupus

    And I can’t wait to order some.

  44. canislupus

    Nah! Ancient Roman emperors would eat food covered in pure gold leaf. There was even a scene in the movie “Quo Vadis” where Nero ingests gold leaf covered eggs.

  45. Bill Ross

    What’s the point if you can’t share it? Invite your party guests into the bathroom to share the experience. Take pics and share it with the world. Of course it’s probably the last party you’ll be invited to and your friends will probably de-friend you, but hey…

  46. spitonyou

    Surely she has to lay down below the glas table during your gold rush on top of it…

  47. riccy

    adam your picture is so fucking ugly

  48. riccy


  49. Sr_Chalice

    Shhhhhh, dont say anything let them consume it. That’s how we thin out the herd:)

  50. Sr_Chalice

    So this is how we thin out the Herd? Good, I like it:)


    At ‘this’ time are grants allowances?




    So, my intestines fecal from a liqueur or apertiff? Or both?

  54. Bill Cattell

    Maybe I could get my kids to willingly do a poop-patrol in the backyard. Could happen…

  55. dopperpod

    That should not be a semicolon.

  56. Matt Friedland


    – Matt



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