Employee recognition is really important in a workplace, as it ensures crucial things like employee productivity, employee loyalty, etc. An employee needs to be recognized for the hard work and efforts they put in for a company. It makes them feel valued and appreciated by the leadership of the company and makes them motivated to keep doing better in their jobs. This, in turn, helps a business to achieve its targets and experience massive growth.

One of the most usual methods of employee recognition is the “employee of the month” award. These days it has become a structural part of the recognition strategy of almost every company or organization. This award can highly motivate employees to get more engaged in the workplace and push themselves to go above and beyond to accomplish amazing things for the company. This also creates a healthy culture of competition in the workplace and increases the collective morale of the employees. The employee of the month award is paramount for bringing out the best in the employees of a workplace.

What is an Employee of the Month Award?

Employees or workers of a company are recognized for their exceptional performances by the higher-ups with an employee of the month, or EOM award. You can see from the name that the award is offered to the employees on a monthly basis, Certain standards are set by companies for the employees in order to win this award. Based on those standards, the best-performing employee of a certain month wins this award for that month.

Whoever wins this award, feels highly recognized and appreciated by the company for their efforts and hard work. They feel greatly valued and appreciated, which drives them to be even more productive in their work. Their morale goes higher, so they feel more motivated to keep doing a good job.

The employee of the month award can come in various forms such as-

  • This award can come in the form of a trophy, certificate of recognition, various intriguing gifts, or incentives.
  • A place in the wall of fame of the company, where they put up the pictures or the names of the best-performing employees
  • Recognition in the online engagement platforms of the company
  • Public recognition among fellow employees

There are many other things that can be used to recognize and appreciate an employee with the employee of the month award. This award helps a company to maintain a positive impact in the workplace.

How Does the EOM Award Work

The employee of the month award works by offering specific recognition and rewards to the employees in return for their hard work and dedication towards the company. Also, they have to do better than everyone else in the company. When a company implements the employee of the month award in order to recognize their top performers on a monthly basis as an integral part of their recognition system, it automatically helps them with certain things.

An employee of the month award works by helping with certain things such as offering frequent and timely recognition, upholding the values of the company, etc. Let’s have a brief look at how the EOM awards work to help a company-

Upholding Company Values

There are certain core values that a company upholds, such as integrity, punctuality, employee dedication, discipline, etc. All the companies want their employees to align their works with the company values.

Employees often tend to lose sight of the vision that the company upholds without specific incentives or rewards to set them in the right direction. Without a proper recognition system, employees might not keep their work ethics and behaviors in check. It can lead to the employees working in a way that completely disregards the company values, and things it stands for.

If the employee of the month award is introduced in a company or an organization, it drives the employees to align their works and behaviors with the company’s principles and values. These awards specify what they want to see in their employees and what kind of work ethics they expect their employees to show.

When employees see that they are being rewarded and recognized for showing certain behaviors and work ethics, they understand what they want to keep doing by the company. They also feel the motivation to keep doing so.

Offering Frequent and Timely Recognition

Implementing the employee of the month award in the company helps it recognize the hard work and efforts of its employees frequently and timely. It is important that an employee gets recognized for their accomplishments and good work timely.

It is not fruitful if an employee gets rewarded for something they did a long time ago. No matter if it’s big or small, every achievement needs to be recognized at the right time. If an employee of the month award is provided on a monthly basis to the best performer of a month, it helps to instantly recognize the hard work an employee put in in a certain month. All of their accomplishments of the month get recognized instantly.

Again, employee recognition is something that needs to be done frequently in every company. That’s why a proper employee reward and recognition program is important for a company or organization. A recognition program helps to keep the morale high in the workplace, as the employees get properly recognized for the amazing things they do for the company. They feel noticed, appreciated, and valued by the company. This makes them loyal to the workplace and makes them motivated to keep doing better in their job.

The employee of the month awards helps to ensure that employees are recognized frequently. So, it can be a great addition to any employee recognition program.

Benefits of Employee of the Month Award

Here are some benefits of the employee of the month award-


This award promotes healthy competition among the employees of a workplace. When there is an incentive like this, employees tend to complete their assigned work in the best way possible. They feel highly motivated in doing better. An extremely motivated workforce can do wonders for a company.


Employees feel highly enthusiastic about their work when there is an award like this at stake. They get really absorbed in the work and try their best to align their work with the company values. They feel really engaged with the company and the workplace, so they want to bring in great results for the company. As a result, the company faces massive growth.


A survey conducted by Glassdoor says that 53% of employees tend to stay longer in a company where they feel appreciated and recognized. When the employee of the month award is introduced as a part of the employee recognition program, employees feel highly recognized and valued. It makes them stay longer at the company. This increases employee retention rate and reduces turnover.


Productivity of the employees gets highly increased when recognition and rewards are at play. They tend to work a lot harder and do a much better job at their work when they get properly appreciated and recognized. The oxytocin hormone gets generated inside the body when they feel appreciated, and it boosts their morale. It helps a person to perform better. An employee of the month award can ensure all these. The company will face massive success and growth in return.

Final Words

These days it is highly important for a company or an organization to recognize their employees properly for their efforts and hard work. This makes them feel happy and appreciated, which boosts their morale. Their motivation increases to do better at the job. The company makes huge profits in return. An employee of the month award can do the trick for a company if it gets implemented as a part of its employee recognition program. It can do wonders for the company in changing the environment of the workplace and bringing in the best results.

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