Most organizations, if not all, have had to deal with problems of employee absenteeism or slacking off which has led to the need for constant changes or reshuffling which can at times lead to extra costs.

Just like employees have the right to be paid for work they have done, employers also have the right to see and know that the money they are spending is worth the services that they are receiving in return. It should be a win – win for both parties. No sane employer would want to waste their money on ghost workers.

It is this need to get value for money that led to many organizations finding ways to keep track of employee activity through the use of time attendance system.

For most organization employee attendance is usually enforced by the human resource department, which is responsible for storing and maintain employee information.

Businesses and organizations today have come to appreciate the importance of HRMS software and many can testify to its multiple advantages. A HRMS software is a HR system that manipulates human resource data in a more efficient and easier to manage manner. Human resource data such as recruitment information, payroll processing, training, competency, performance evaluation, attendance and time management are all combined, processed and stored into one efficient computerized system (HRSM).

This system provides the users with the advantage of acquiring, storing, analyzing and distribution of organization/employee information to necessary consumers with a lot of efficiency. While the traditional HR systems were focused on single tasks, this system has employee tracking and payroll processing, the HRMS system can handle multiple tasks at a go. It can manage organization hierarchy, improve process efficiency, track employee information, follow up on absence and leave, draft reports and manage financial transactions. With all this work being covered by one system, employee can have more time to focus on other impactful areas such as retention and culture management.

Why is a Time and Attendance system important?

Managers can use it to track unproductive employees

Time lost can never be recovered and what may look like a few minutes out can pile up into hours and days which means a lot of money being wasted on unproductivity. An attendance record therefore, helps employers know planned and unplanned time offs and thus enable them to enforce better policies to ensure productivity is maintained.

Attendance tracking ensure employees get to be paid in full and on time

In case of situations such as employees working overtime, an attendance record will ensure that they get to be compensated for their work without fail. It ensures that no one is overpaid or under paid depending on the amount of work that they have done.

It allows remote tracking

With the changing times and technology some organizations allow their employees to work from home simply by signing in and out of their company systems and ensuring their work is submitted at the stipulated deadline.

Helps to reduce absenteeism

A good attendance record helps to determine who shows up for work and who doesn’t, therefore helping employers to curb absenteeism by putting strict policies.

Attendance records helps to keep proof of payments in case of lawsuits or financial audits

In case of such scenarios having a record with you can be very helpful for any employer so as to avoid unnecessary fines.

These are only a few of the many reason why having a time and attendance record in important for any organization.

Helps with Payroll processing

Payroll is one of the most important aspects of any organization as it involves paying staff their dues after they have successfully carried out the work that was expected of them. It can be seen as a assign of appreciation or morale booster that gives employees the will and psych to wake up and go to work each day – call it an incentive.

Payroll systems also keep track of employee overtime, absenteeism, and leave thus ensuring that no money is spent of unproductive employees.

All this information can be accessed by the simple push of a button.

How does a Time Attendance System work?

This system is basically a time clock that tells whether an employee has showed up to work or not, what time them clocked in and what time they clocked out of work.

A typical time attendance system includes one of the following:

Biometric access

A good biometric system makes the use of fingerprints, voice recognition, retina scanning and card swiping. This helps to reduce on factors like colleagues signing in for their buddies.

Numeric pad entry

In this system, employees are assigned numbers which they type when they clock in and out of work. This system however can allow for buddy punching.

Electronic swipe functions

This is mostly used in companies are areas that have a lot of employees. The employees are assigned with an electronic can that has their details on them, and when they report to work, they simply swipe it.

In summary, the main reason why employee attendance record is important is accountability. No sane employer wants to waste their money on workers who don’t show up for work.

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