In only 10 short years, influencer marketing has gone from using washed up celebrities for endorsements to millennials collaborating with multi-million dollar brands.

When done correctly, a collaboration between your brand and an influencer who has the power to transform your brand, literally overnight.

Understanding how to run an influencer marketing campaign can be tricky, so imagine trying to running more than one at the same time? Without the right software, even the most creative campaigns can fail.

From managing multiple influencers to scaling campaigns, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things your software should provide as we roll into 2020:

Find the Right Influencer

Influencers come in varying degrees of popularity. First, you have mega-influencers who have millions of followers. They influence followers of all ages, and people look to them when making purchasing decisions.

Macro-influencers are pretty powerful as well, just on a smaller scale. Typically, they have between 10,000 to over 1 million followers and can harness over 25 percent increased engagement per post.

Micro-influencers are like the new kid in school. They are popular enough and have a small group of friends who think they are super cool. These types of influencers pay a lot of attention to their followers and have high levels of engagement.

They also charge the least per sponsored post. In fact, they might not charge at all. Instead, they’ll eagerly accept from free products or services in exchange for becoming your brand’s ambassador.

Why is this important? Read on, and you’ll see why.

What is influencer management?

Marketing platforms geared for influencer management software streamlines the multi-faceted process of running influencer-based campaigns, tracking analytics and targeting the right audience.

When it comes marketing campaigns, you need to know you is the best fit. And to do so, you need to have all of your influence bios, brand specifics and analytics in one place. That brings us to our next point.

If you’re looking to upgrade your management arsenal in 2020, make sure your software allows for influencer segmentation, provides relation management at scale and quantities influencer campaign performance. As influencer marketing continues to expand, you need all of your data in one place, available at a moment’s notice.

Influencer-based marketing trends also means that you can micro-manage multiples while weeding out those who perform below your standard. This feature alone can save brands thousands, if not millions of dollars is ad spend.

As digital marketing continues to grow, so does the need for curated content by influencers. As consumers become more involved throughout the marketing funnel, they want to connect with someone who represents your brand. The days of just reading online reviews and hoping foe the best are over. Brands now have the power of influencers to catapult them into stardom in one post tweet or video.

The TakeAway

Marketing trends change in a blink of any eye, so you need to be able stay current, if not ahead of the trend. As influencer marketing continues to be the mainstay of most campaigns, any software you use needs to be up for challenge.

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