Liverpool Football (Soccer) Club is currently top of the English Premiership. They are 13 points clear of second-place Leicester City, and they have a game in hand. To find Liverpool’s last English Premiership defeat, you would have to rewind the clock 12 months. Last year’s title winners, Manchester City are third and by their high standards having a terrible season.


Still, with five months and eighteen Premiership games to go the season isn’t in the bag for the Reds. Liverpool fans are still not completely confident that this will be their year. Bookmakers tend to agree. You can still get Coral promo codes if you are planning to bet against or for Liverpool to win the league.


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Playing in the Richest League


The English Premiership is the richest league in Soccer. Whether it is the best is arguable, but there can be no denying the wealth. Soccer is the biggest game on the planet and continues to grow in popularity.


The English game is known for being attacking orientated, and every team goes into a match, believing they can win even though this can seem laughable at the outset. Perhaps this thrilling combination drives the investment that pours into the English Premiership. It is the most-watched soccer league in the world.

Why the Doubt over Liverpool?


Liverpool has won the Champions League, Uefa Super Cup, and Fifa Club World Cup in the same year, and are the first English side ever to do so. Given their current status at the top of the league, you would imagine doubt would have been driven out of the Liverpool psyche.


To understand why this is not the case, we only have to go back to last season. Despite achieving 97 points that year, the team lost the title to Manchester City. Liverpool achieved two unfortunate firsts in that season. They achieved the most points for a runner up and were the only Premiership side to be leading by seven points at Christmas and lose the title.


This still resonates with the team especially as Manchester City have won their last two games.


Still, Liverpool has a lot going for them. They are playing well and are one of the few clubs not to have lost a Premiership game for twelve consecutive months. The only other being Chelsea and Arsenal. If they can maintain their current form until the end of the season, they will beat Arsenal’s unbeaten record of 49 Premiership matches without a defeat.


Their manager Jurgen Klopp deserves a lot of credit for turning around Liverpool’s fortunes. Go back to the 1970s and 80s and Liverpool were the best in England, possibly the world. Despite winning the Champions League in 2005 the feeling that they had lost their way resonates. Klopp has changed this feeling, and despite last season’s outcome, there is a feeling that the club is entering a new golden age.


Liverpool has a golden opportunity to win the English Premiership this season. If they fail, however, the damage to the confidence of the team could be irreversible.

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