NFL (National Football League) is considered as the default playing field for men. However, NFL history is about to turn to a new page when female player Carli Lloyd shows that she is not inferior to any male colleagues. She is receiving the support of a large number of American fans to become the first female player in NFL history.


Famous From A 54-meter Kick


The US sports had appeared a story that attracts a lot of fans. It is the event that female player Carli Lloyd is widely supported by American fans to become a professional American football player and will even play in the National Rugby National Championship (NFL).


First, we need to clarify two things. Firstly, Carli Lloyd is not an American football player (rugby player). Lloyd has won the World Cup with the USA twice and won the Olympic gold medal in women’s football twice. Secondly, the NFL has absolutely no women’s league, and no female players have ever competed with male colleagues.


Not long ago, Carli Lloyd traveled with the US team to Philadelphia to participate in a friendly match against the Portuguese team. After finishing her mission, Carli Lloyd decided to visit the Eagles Rugby Club training ground.


Here, Carli Lloyd was challenged by male colleagues to show off their football skills. And she surprised all when scoring a goal from a distance of 54 meters. It was a fierce kick in the middle line, which is something that not many male players can do. Incidentally, an Eagles player filmed Carli Lloyd performing this kick and posted it online. Immediately, it created a surprise.


Since the video was released, not only Eagles fans but rugby fans throughout the United States have been sending messages of encouragement to Carli Lloyd to join the NFL. She is entirely skilled enough to compete and make history.

Will The NFL Futures Change?


The event Carli Lloyd has just created is not only meaningful to her personally, but is expected to make NFL Futures change by opening a way for female athletes to advance to the professional playing field. For a long time, the NFL has defaulted to be a playground for men. So while fans sent words of encouragement to Carli Lloyd, many professional players playing at the NFL spoke sarcastically.


Being hidden in these ironic words is substantial gender discrimination. In the middle of a country that promotes freedom like the United States, there is still injustice and discrimination between men and women. Therefore, the story of Carli Lloyd is considered to be a firecracker paving the way not only for female players to cuddle the dream to join the NFL, but also break the discrimination in the American sports industry in general.


According to the US press, two rugby teams were playing at the NFL that invited Carli Lloyd to join. Famous player Tom Brady has also voiced support for Cardi and said that if she can afford, there is no reason to be rejected. Perhaps the NFL Futures will be a women’s tournament, and the name Cardi Lloyd will forever be remembered as a pioneer.

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