Fancy injecting a little fun into shower time? Now you can with this novelty shower gel dispenser. Why squeeze straight from the bottle when you can load the fluid into this attractive wall-mounted dispenser in the shape of a giant nose and simply press when you want it to ‘blow’ its contents onto your flannel or loofah?

You can fill up the dispenser with green gel for that traditional color, or opt for a crazy touch with red, yellow, blue, etc. The item doesn’t come with shower gel – this needs to be purchased separately. All you then have to do is squeeze the contents into the dispenser. This novelty purchase is a great way to encourage kids to scrub up at shower time and it also eliminates the clutter of shower gel bottles or tubes in the bathroom.

The nose shower gel dispenser makes a great fun gift for a friend or work colleague at Christmas, on birthdays or any other special occasion. So if you’re stuck for ideas, here’s one that’s sure to provide a few gross-out giggles.


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