Sending a child to school after spending 3 to 4 years exclusively with them is one of the toughest decisions any parent can face. It is natural to feel scared and cautious in such circumstances, which explains why every parent is so keen on a preschool for their little one. While they want nothing but the best educational experience for their child, many factors affect their choice. In this article, we will highlight some of the leading factors that affect the choice of a preschool today.

Location and distance from home

The school’s location is one of the most significant factors to consider when looking for a suitable preschool. It is unreasonable for your little one to travel long distances and spend several hours commuting to and fro school when other options are nearby. Traveling the long distance to get to school and home is overwhelming and tedious for the little one and can easily compromise their excitement for school. Besides, they are only trying to adapt to the new significant changes, which explains why you should minimize stress and demotivators. Moreover, the school you choose should also have the safest and most comfortable transportation facilities for the little ones if you will not be dropping and picking them.

Quality and Safety

Unlike what most parents may think, especially the first-timers, a good preschool should be safe and convenient rather than huge and lavish. Besides having adequate safety measures for the little learners in place, the premises should also be child-friendly. Some of the factors to look out for at this point include anti-slippery mats, broad and well-lit corridors and staircases, clean washrooms, and sufficient educational toys. The buildings should also be decorated with appealing colors and accessories to effortlessly relate to the environment. 


The location of the school alone is not enough to make it your excellent choice. Besides being near your residence, the preschool should also have the best reviews and reputation. Your measure of the school’s credibility should depend on its infrastructure, the qualifications and experience of the management and staff, and reviews of the previous students and parents. You should check through the facility’s website for reviews, testimonials, and references, which should guide you into making an informed decision. You may visit this site

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Teachers and Other Staff

Children are highly attracted to love and warmth. It teaches them to love others and equips them with a warm personality that they need to make friends and great social circles in life. On the other hand, teachers are the second parents who take care of the kids in school. Therefore, you should look out for preschools with friendly teachers who are qualified and experienced in handling the little ones with great love and Genuity. The staff who work around the facility should not be any less considering that they also take care of the kids.

In summary, besides the discussed factors, you should also look for a preschool that uses suitable teaching methodologies, is transparent and honest in communication, and provides healthy snacks for the little ones.

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