With Christmas just around the corner, you might find yourself wondering what the perfect gift is for the perfect lady in your life. While you could hop on a number of websites for generic recommendations, this year, why not give her something that she really wants. Instead of opting for a vacuum cleaner or even slipper socks, you can instead pick out a gift that will really wow her.

We asked Toronto lip injections specialist Dr. Pirani for his recommendations for the holiday season. This is what he suggested.

  1. Lip Fillers: To begin with, you could give her the gift of lip fillers. This non-invasive procedure can help fill out her lips, giving them the fullness that she has hoped for, but maybe has never experienced. If she has had lip fillers in the past and the filler has worn off, this could be the perfect gift that she has been waiting to receive.
  2. Botox: Wrinkles are a side effect of aging, no matter what you try to do about it. Botox is the simplest and most effective way to combat wrinkles. She will not only look more refreshed and less tired, but she will notice the effects for herself, regaining confidence and most likely finding that she does not need to wear makeup as much or as often as she did before she received her Botox injections.
  3. Mommy Body Makeover: If your special lady has given you the precious gift of children, you should consider giving back to her through a mommy body makeover. This is a personalized procedure that targets the areas of her body that have experienced the most changes following childbirth. Many moms suffer from body image concerns with the physical changes they go through, which is why this is such a wonderful gift. Most often, this includes a tummy tuck and a breast lift.
  4. Breast Augmentation: By far one of the most popular types of plastic surgery, breast augmentations are a kind of gift that keeps on giving. Many women are unhappy with the size and/or shape of their breasts, but are unwilling to splurge on the surgery to get breast implants. While breast implants might need to be monitored for leaks, they will be a gift that lasts for many, many years.
  5. Nose: Also called a rhinoplasty, which is surgery to improve the shape or function of the nose. This surgery could be done for cosmetic or medical reasons, such as a birth defect, disfigurement or scars from trauma, or breathing problems. Doctors are available over the world, including doctors in rhinoplasty New Orleans.

Christmas shopping all comes down to knowing what people want, but also means knowing what someone does not want. If you have never heard your loved one talk about receiving plastic surgery or specific concerns that can be corrected with plastic surgery, you should not take the risk in suggesting that she needs work done. The result could be devastating to your relationship.

Otherwise, if your special someone has commented on wanting fuller lips, fewer wrinkles, or even wanting her pre-childbirth body back, then you can feel secure in purchasing the gift of cosmetic surgery for her. Especially if your love does not like to splurge on herself, Christmas is the perfect time to give the gift that she really wants.

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