The festive season is approaching, and people are brainstorming gift ideas to make the occasion special. The thing about presents is that everybody wants theirs to be unique and better than others.

However, choosing an ideal gift can be very confusing and frustrating. Most of the shops have the same options. It is a gamble to purchase a present from a shop because other people can buy the same one. In such a situation, the person will end up with two similar gifts.

If you want to make your present count, the best option is custom photo gifts, custom gifts, personalized gifts. It is unique and peculiar. Your present will stand out from the rest and will be the most memorable one.

What are Personalized Gifts?

These are unique presents. Unlike other gifts, these are specifically made for a person. In olden days, people used to provide presents with name, initials or monogram on it. Example, initials were embroidered on a shirt.

As of now, the trend of personal presents has changed. You can use photos, logos, hand and footprints or any other unique design to customize gifts.

With the advancement in technology, personalization has become relatively easy. You can easily place an order online to get custom print on anything and give it as a present. The price is also affordable.

There are a few standard techniques used in personalizing items. The techniques are,

  • Engraving
  • Embroidery
  • Screen-Printing
  • Etching
  • Embossing

You can also use a person’s favourite colour to make the present more special.

Popular Personalized Gift Ideas:

If you are finding it difficult to choose a custom gift, check out these ideas. You can select one or combine two ideas for a perfect present. If you need additional inspiration, check out Stephen David Leonard for a great selection of personalized gifts for him.

Custom Photo Gifts:

This is the most popular gift idea. If you want to customize an item, the best option is to print pictures on it. You can print their favourite photo to make the present special. Here are the various options.

  • Photo Mugs: Mugs are ubiquitous. If the person is a tea or coffee lover, you can give them a photo mug. You can print their picture on the mug to make it memorable.
  • Photo Cushions: Custom photo gifts are trendy. You can also give them a cushion with their favourite picture on it. Make sure you choose their favourite colour cushion.
  • Photo Frames: This is one of the most common presents people receive. However, you can add memorable pictures in the frame to make it unique and stand out.
  • Custom Notebook: You can give a custom notebook to your loved ones. It can be made special by printing small pictures on the cover page.
  • Printed Socks: It is a funny present. If you want to keep the present memorable yet funny, it is perfect. You can print small photos on the socks and give them.
  • Table Clock: You can give them a tailor-made clock by printing their picture on the clock. It can be a small bedside clock. Many people add a personal quote on the clock.

Presents with Engraving:

If you don’t want to go with cliché pictures, you can go with engraving. It looks more regal. There are many items on which you can get the engraving. Popular choices are diary, pen, wooden box, chest or case.


Show-Piece were quite popular once upon a time. But nowadays people hardly use it. But you can make it special by printing a picture on it.


This is a unique present. You can give your loved ones a pendant with their thumb impression and name. It is a very decent and classy idea for a tailor-made present.

Printed Name or Logo:

Another popular option to give is an item with a printed name. It is good for companies. They can give every employee a special present with a printed name and logo on it.

Benefits of Personalized Gifts:

These gifs are always in trend. No matter what the occasion is, it fits perfectly with all the occasions. Tailor-made items hold emotional value.

  • Personal Connection:

If the person is special to you, there is nothing better than a tailor-made present. It shows that you care about the person. You can improve the bond with the person with such presents.

  • Perfect for All Occasions:

These presents are perfect for every occasion. You can give it on a birthday, wooden anniversary gifts, wedding, festivals or any other occasion. It goes with every event.

  • Unique:

Most of the time, people end up with similar gifts. But when you go for custom gifts, there is no chance that anybody else will give the same item. It is unique.

  • Memories:

These presents hold precious memories. The photos printed on the item tells a story of the moment once lived. It will surely make the person nostalgic.

  • Everybody Loves It:

Everyone loves these types of presents. No matter what the gender, age, class or preference is, it is perfectly suitable for all. You can give it to anybody.

  • Personal Touch and Emotion:

It is very thoughtful to give such presents. It is not merely a present but holds a personal touch. These presents have emotional value. They are precious and priceless.

  • Shows That You Care:

These presents show the person that you care about them. It makes them feel special and close to you.

  • Marketing:

It is a good marketing strategy for companies. Most companies give holiday presents to their employees. They customize it by printing their logo on it.

How to Get a Personalized Gift?

It is quite easy to get one. Nowadays there are many online stores which offer this service. These stores provide custom photo gifts and all other types of presents.

All you need to do is go to their website and check the collection they offer. You can check the prices and delivery time as well. Once you are satisfied with the site, proceed further to place your order.

  • Select a picture you want on the item
  • Go to the website of the store
  • Upload the picture
  • Select the item from the store
  • Finalize the order
  • Wait for the item to arrive

Earlier, these types of presents were not very popular. But now custom gifts are trending. If you want to make someone happy, give them a tailor-made present.

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