Well, if you have also realised that eco-friendly gifts are going to be the future, then this blog is worth a read! Apart from the eco-friendly gifts, you surely have surprised your brother in the past years with traditional gifts like mugs, jars, wine sets, gym bags, etc. So, while going eco friendly, you will be giving him something unique and, at the same time, a useful and inspiring gift. Yes! Inspiring because he will also learn the importance of going eco-friendly as much as possible. Now, if you are wondering what all comes under the category of eco-friendly gifts, then scroll down a bit and you will find the gifts that we have lined up for you!


Thermal Reusable Coffee Cup


Well, your brother always gets himself a coffee every morning while going to work and throws the disposable coffee cup. But a thermal reusable coffee cup will not just keep the coffee hot for him, but your brother can simply wash it and reuse it daily. You can easily buy the cup from any online store at a pocket-friendly price.


Reusable Shopping Bag


It’s surely the time to stop using plastic carry bags while shopping in malls and buying groceries from the local shops. Give him reusable jute made shopping bag that can be reused again and again. The bag is easy to fold and is durable. Your brother can take the bag to shopping malls, to the beach, or carry any goods.


Eco-Friendly Rakhi


You must be sending rakhi online to your brother when he is not around, but how about going for an eco-friendly rakhi as well? This Raksha Bandhan, buy seed rakhis, organic rakhis, Beeja sutras, etc. and send it to your dear brother. You can also make it a perfect rakhi gift combo by adding a bunch of homemade chocolates in the gift hamper.


Eco-Friendly Chocolates


Well, if your brother is obsessed with chocolates, then go for eco-friendly organic chocolates. Many dark chocolate brands have started making eco-friendly chocolates, and these chocolate bars are definitely delicious. Gift a bunch of these chocolates to your dear bro and make him feel special with your chocolatey gesture.


Eco Friendly Beauty Hamper


There are a lot of eco-friendly beauty brands out there, making herbal, natural, and organic products. You can get him a body lotion, hair oil, skin moisturizer, lip balm, scrub, and a lot more! Get a few of these products and put them in a hamper. Just see the smile go wide on your brother’s face when he receives this beauty hamper on any special occasion.


So, that’s all about the eco-friendly gifts. Send these gifts instead of the traditional gifts, and not only you will be making your brother the happiest but will be contributing to nature’s wellbeing as well. Promote eco-friendly gifting culture! Happy gifting!


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