Everybody loves to receive a gift! There’s no exception when it comes to corporate gifting. Companies, whether large or small, tend to practice corporate gifting as a form of appreciation towards their employees or clients.

Interestingly, trends in corporate gifting practices have grown due to better personalisation and automation efforts becoming high-priority. Gifts are quite different from the incentives you give your employees. They also differ from advertising or promotion as they don’t contain any blatant imprints or advertising.

The reason companies give hand out gifts is because they want to affirm relationships. Corporate gift-giving can also help to boost personal connections between the company and their clients or employees. Nobody creates better corporate gifts than Morsetoad! Taste their exquisite chocolate gifts and you too will agree that they are outstanding.  Click here to know more about all the other gift options at Morsetoad.

 Types of corporate gifting

  • Marketing gifts: Marketing gifts are a great way to connect with your audience rather than sending out promotional banner ads or emails every time. As any marketer or competitor has easy access to the clientele of your company, opting for a marketing gift can make a favourable impression about your company in the minds of the recipients.
  • Sales prospecting gifts:  A sales prospecting gift given to a client can improve outcomes, even if it is something like chocolates. They solidify the connection that begun when the prospect sought your company. Moreover, a personalised corporate gift can play a significant role in how the customer or prospect perceives your company.
  • Corporate gifts for clients: Corporate gifts for your clients are one of the best ways to improve communication and connection with the current customers of your company. Click here to browse through a collection of suitable and fancy corporate gifts from Morsetoad – the team that loves to deliver happiness!

Best practices to adopt while creating a gifting programme for clients

  • Begin with the goal and outcomes before coming up with a gifting programme.
  • Identify a budget that can create an impact on the corporate gift recipient.
  • Add a dash of personalisation to let recipients know that your company cares for them.
  • Remember, proper automation and branding make the gift look attractive!

Ethics of corporate gifting

  • Appropriateness: Make sure your company is picking an appropriate gift. If the client has a professional attitude towards your company, it’s better to avoid informal and casual gifts. Also, don’t forget that the frequency of giving gifts needs to be restricted only to major holidays and special occasions. Your clients should not get the impression that your company is bribing them to get something done.
  • Personality: It’s a good thing when a gift has a personality!  There’s a major difference between receiving some pens packed shabbily compared to well-packed good quality chocolates! A gift with ‘personality’ tells recipients that your company values their association.
  • Timing: Almost everyone believes that there is a time for giving gifts. Therefore, it’s a fact that corporate gift-giving too can have more impact during other times of the year. For example, birthday gifts can impress clients as they would begin to believe that your company values them and considers them as an asset.
  • Presentation: Ensure your company confirms and checks if the corporate gift is well-presented. A poorly packed gift and well-packed gift can make a world of difference to the recipients.
  • Customising the gifts: Customising gifts by adding your company logo is not an issue. However, make sure you don’t highlight the brand on the gift to prevent it from looking like a promotional product rather than a genuine gift!

Who receives corporate gifts?

  • Employees as a part of recognition: The employees of a company often receive corporate gifts. This can be a result of goodwill and recognition of their services for the company.
  • Customers: Customers can be given gifts to build long-term loyalty. This can help the companies ensure that the current customers stay with the company and opt for their products or services.
  • Vendors: Most companies know the importance of building close relationships with their suppliers. Manufacturers and retailers depend upon just-in-time deliveries. Hence, appreciating vendors by giving corporate gifts can strengthen the professional bond between two companies.
  • Media: If the Corporate Gift’s Morsetoad is simple and a part of goodwill, the company can give corporate gifts to different media houses. But be careful while sending a gift to consumer journalists who your company or public relations team doesn’t know well.
  • Government officials: Many businesses require good working relations with government regulatory bodies or other government officials. While sending these personalities gifts, ensure you don’t spend on expensive or luxurious gifts to be in their good books. This is against the norms of corporate gift-giving.


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