If you are searching for rude birthday cards for your best friend or siblings, then click to visit the Boomf’s best ideas that will add a fun element to the birthday gift. Everyone you know is celebrating a birthday right now because it’s that time of year again. And while some individuals might be happy to just sign a card and wish the recipient well, others might want to step it up a level and write something a bit more obnoxious.

Meanwhile, your friend’s birthday is approaching, but you have no idea what to put in their card. No issue! We provide a number of suggestions for you on how to compose the ideal crude birthday card. We have all kinds of humorous one-liners and brilliant puns for you. So go ahead and tell your buddies how much they mean to you, while also adding a little comedy.

  1. Jokes About Getting Old

The first piece of advice is to always joke about the subject’s age. This can be accomplished by making a stereotype of an elderly person reference or by mentioning how many candles are on their cake this year. Here are a few instances:

“Wow, you’re finally a teenager! Happy 13th birthday!”

“Time to start collecting social security, happy birthday!”

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  1. Funny Puns

Another great way to add some humor to your card is by including a funny pun. Puns are always a great way to get a laugh, and there are plenty of birthday-related puns out there. For example:

“I hope your birthday is ‘a-peeling’!”

“Don’t let your age ‘crumble’ you.”

“Don’t get too ‘pie-eyed’ tonight.”

Click to visit birthday gift sites for more funny puns. The fact that someone is aging attracts a lot of jokes from people. This option may be right for you if you know your friend can handle some light-hearted humor. Just be mindful not to go overboard and get too intimate. Click to visit for more ideas.

  1. Rude Jokes

If you want to add some humor to your friend’s birthday card but don’t want to go the pun route, you could always tell a joke instead. And if you’re looking for something a bit more risqué, there are plenty of rude jokes out there as well. For example:

“Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side…of your birthday cake!”

“What’s the best way to remember your wife’s birthday? Forget it once!”

“How many candles does it take to fill a room? Depends how fast you blow them out!”

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  1. Compliments…With A Twist

If you want to write something nice in your friend’s birthday card but also want to add a bit of humor, try giving them a compliment with a twist. For example:

“You’re not getting older; you’re getting more experienced!”

“It’s amazing that you don’t look your age…what is your age again?”

“You’ve always been such a good friend…except for that one time when you weren’t.”

A common misconception is that being unpleasant and hilarious are interchangeable. But there is a significant distinction! Make sure you give your card some thought and don’t just rely on vulgarity and shock value if you want it to be truly hilarious. A clever joke will be received far better than a litany of curse words. For additional information on what to put in unpleasant birthday cards, click to visit.

  1. Don’t Hold Back

You shouldn’t hold back while composing a birthday message, that much is certain. It’s vital to just let free and express whatever’s on your mind, whether you’re trying to be funny or honest. Your buddy deserves to know how you actually feel about them because it’s their birthday! So go ahead and express your true thoughts to them… They may be taken aback, but they will undoubtedly value your candor. For additional information on what to put in unpleasant birthday cards, click to visit.

  1. Be Creative

It’s a common misconception that the secret to crafting a wonderful birthday greeting is to be vulgar and nasty, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In many cases, being innovative is more crucial. Your card will be well-received if you can think of a smart joke or pun. Consequently, don’t be scared to be a little ridiculous; everything is in good humor. Click to visit for more details on what to write in unfavorable birthday cards.

  1. Rhyming Lines

You can also try adding some rhyming lines to your card. This can be done by either making up your own rhymes or by using popular sayings and nursery rhymes. For example:

“He/She’s another year older but still as immature as ever!”

“Old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it anyway!”

“Wishing you all the joy your birthday can hold, because you deserve the absolute best!”

Nursery Rhyme: “This old man, he played one, he played knick-knack on my thumb”

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  1. Insults About the Person’s Job or Hobbies

In your card, you can even poke light of the recipient’s occupation or interests. For instance, if they work as a cashier, you might say, “I hope your birthday is better than the average day at work!” Or, if they enjoy knitting, you might say, “I hope you get to do a lot of your favorite hobby today… Just kidding, I hope you get coal.” Additionally, the more creative you can be when making fun of someone’s job or interests, the better. If you want tips on what to write in rude birthday cards, click to visit sites where you will find even more inspiration for this category of insult.

  1. Wishing Them A Day That Is as Bad as Their Life Is

Wishing someone a day that is as miserable as their life is another amusing method to criticize them in their birthday card. I hope your birthday is as awful as your life has been, for instance, or I hope today is just as awful as you are. This strategy will only succeed, of course, if you are familiar with the individual and feel comfortable making jokes like this with them. It can be wise to steer clear of using this kind of comedy if you are unsure about their reaction. Moreover, one could Click to visit and find the best tips on what to write in rude birthday cards.


In conclusion, the advice given above is what to put in rude birthday cards to make the receiver laugh out loud. Use these the next time you want to spice up a birthday card by adding some fun and excitement. Click to visit for more details on what to write in unfavorable birthday cards.

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