What do you know about Russia? Are you living there, or are you going just to visit this amazing country? Foreigners prefer to bring from Russia the banalest things: trapper hat, fur, and caviar. It doesn’t matter whether you have come here to meet Russian women for marriage, or you are on a business trip, and your beloved girl is waiting for you at home, here is a list of unique gifts that will please any woman.   

  1. Radical Chic Shawls

Radical Chic silk and cashmere shawls are made in Italy, but their soul is Russian because this is a brand of a Russian girl. A special series is devoted to Russia: here are astronauts, and the Uralsky plant, and the map of Moscow, and more familiar domes. They are deprived of any nationality or folklore, so they can be easily entered into a modern laconic wardrobe. 

  1. Dishes by the Imperial Porcelain Factory

Here, you can choose a gift to anyone! Cobalt mesh will delight lovers of classics, and items with fairy tales will please romantic girls. Wonderful plates with views of Moscow or St. Petersburg will please any connoisseur of beautiful dishes. 

  1. Belevskaya Fruit Candy 

Fruit candy is a great alternative to chocolate and is a traditional Russian product. This fruit candy consists of only natural ingredients and has a variety of flavors, starting with honey and nuts to cranberries and cherries. There are even options for people who keep a diet. 

  1. Natura Siberica Cosmetics 

Cosmetics is one of the best gifts for girls. Natura Siberica is Russian L’Occitane. One of the most unusual products of the brand is a thick cream body soap. Cedar body and face oils with Siberian herbs in the composition deserve special attention. 

  1. Books about Russian Ballet in English

If your girlfriend believes that a book is the best gift, then it is a perfect option. Modern gift editions are a work of printing art. So, if your girlfriend is a ballet lover, then she will be very pleased if you present her a book about the influence of the “Russian Seasons” on contemporary dance, fashion, and theater. 

  1. Matryoshka

Matryoshka, or as foreigners call it “man in man,” has always been one of the most popular Russian souvenirs. Moreover, for Western artists, round-shaped dolls are the basis for creative experiments. So, the matryoshka is still on the list of the most desired and relevant Russian gifts. 

  1. Perfume “Krasnaya Moskva”

The legendary perfume has won the hearts of fashionistas not only in Russia but also in Europe. The success of this perfume can be compared with the current popularity of the French perfume “Chanel №5.” Many years ago, women stood in a line a mile long for this perfume. So, by presenting this perfume to your beloved lady, you present a favorite perfume of Russian beauties. 

  1. Orenburg Downy Shawl

To give openwork, warm and at the same time, incredibly light shawls is not a traditional tribute but the adherence to modern fashion. The trend was set by the Russian supermodel Sasha Pivovarova, appearing on the streets of Paris in a downy shawl, tied around the hips. So, this Russian specialty should be presented not to ladies “for warming,” but to young girls who want to wear the fashionable thing. 

  1. Kokoshnik in the style of A la Russe 

The symbol of Russian traditional costume Kokoshnik has conquered world couturiers and become a modern and stylish accessory. This elegant headdress can be a wonderful gift from Russia for a woman of fashion who loves to add original details to her image. 

  1. Raincoat 

Protection from rain and humidity is paramount in St. Petersburg. The classic model of the raincoat by the SH’U brand is an excellent gift to feel like a typical St. Petersburg resident. 

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