When it’s time to make a serious purchase, you need to do some serious planning.

Big life decisions such as purchasing a car, buying your first home, or deciding to become engaged are incredibly exciting. But these aren’t considered milestones for no reason; there is a lot that needs to be considered while celebrating the good news. Scientists use research to figure out solutions, and it hasn’t failed them; neither will it disappoint you.

Here are five items you should always research before swiping your card:

  1. An Engagement Ring

This isn’t a cute pair of earrings that you can buy without a second thought. Engagement rings are one the most expensive and meaningful pieces of jewelry that you’ll ever have to purchase. There are a ton of questions that will go into the initial search: does your partner admire white gold? What type of diamond ring (natural diamond or simulated diamond) are they interested in? What color band would they like best?

These are all valid questions, and Agape Diamonds has all the answers for you. Agape Diamonds is a jewelry store that sells fine pieces such as engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. If you’re an online shopper, they have convenient customer service available to assist you with your inquiries over the phone or via email. The Agape Diamond reviews won’t lead you astray; be sure to include this jewelry store in your first round of research on engagement rings.

  1. A House

Owning a home is part of the American dream for many people, but it can end up becoming a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Because a house is an intense investment, you should do your research beforehand to make sure that you’re putting your money toward something that will increase value. For instance, you’ll want to make sure the location is good and that the home is in a decent school district.

In addition to these considerations, there are also plenty of pressing financial costs that you’ll need to look into before you sign that dotted line. Here is a (short) version of it:

  • Closing costs
  • Property transfer taxes
  • Title insurance
  • Escrow for property taxes

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s okay. Take a deep breath and pull up your search engine because there’s still more to dive into. You’ll definitely learn a lot during the home-buying process, but you’ll want to learn as much as you can beforehand. It’s easy to get swindled by real estate agents and sellers. Fortunately, you can pass any test if you study hard enough.

  1. A Car

Similar to a house, owning a car feels like a dream for many people. However, the overall price of owning a vehicle can throw you off if you’re unprepared.

For instance, there are fees for registration and tags as well as maintenance costs. There will always be gas (unless you go electric), and we’ve all witnessed the steady climb of gas prices over the years. The car you purchase will essentially be your baby; you’ll have to take care of it, keep it in good condition, and treat it well for as long as you can. Before you head to the dealership, make a list of everything you’ll require of your car (reliable transportation to work, road trip-ready, etc.). This will help you weigh the pros and cons of owning a vehicle.

  1. Makeup

The price of beauty has never exactly been “cheap.” If you’re an avid makeup wearer, you should put a great deal of thought into your investment. Which brand does your skin have a better reaction to? What are the company’s morals and values? Are they testing on animals, or are they offering vegan products? We’re in an exciting time where there are several new makeup brands launching, all with their own respective target audiences and missions. There’s a lot to choose from, so be sure to do your research so you can choose diligently. If you wear makeup every day, you should research the formulas of the products themselves and the values of the company


makeup kit


  1. Groceries

Groceries may seem simple, but the better you plan your grocery list, the better trip you’ll have at the store (and it’ll be better for your budget!). It’ll be helpful to look up some recipes that you (and your family) will be interested in throughout the week. It’s also nice to do some research on which snacks and drinks are good to fill in those gaps between meals. Knowing what you’re looking for before you grab your shopping cart will make grocery shopping a lot easier.

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