If you have ever listened to the sound coming out of your computer speakers, then you know that it leaves much to be desired. To get the best possible sound, you need to invest in an amplifier for your speaker. Amplifiers are a good thing to invest in especially if you have a game room. Here are 10 reasons why you need an amplifier for your speaker.

Avoid Low Volume Setups

Have you ever had a speaker so close to your ear that you couldn’t hear the person next to you because it was blasting loud music? It’s horrible! Loud noises can have serious consequences if they’re nearby, and it doesn’t have to be amplified! 

This can be something as simple as someone watching TV. Do everyone in your house a favor and invest in a good amplifier. If you don’t know what kind of amplifier is best for your needs, give us a call or visit our website. We are here to help make sure that all of your speakers sound their best!

An amp can add features to your speakers

Amplifiers can have different features such as Bluetooth, digital inputs, and phono outputs. This can be important because it helps increase the efficiency of your speakers. Another feature is the capability to change the volume without the need to alter any speaker settings. This is one of the reasons why having an amplifier for your speaker is a good idea.

Get better sound quality with an amp

If you want better sound quality from your speaker, then it is important to get an amplifier. A way to improve the power of the bass and make a louder system, this small electronic device can transform the way your speaker sounds. 

By simply plugging in a cable, your receiver will now control the power and volume levels of everything that goes through it. Amp up your sound with one of these gadgets!

Don’t let wires clutter up your setup

We’ve all been there – that feeling of post-setup frustration when you find yourself wrestling with a rat’s nest of tangled wires. There is simply no need to make this experience more frustrating than it needs to be, especially when there are more effective options available! 

An amplifier will reduce the need for complex cabling and can be easily hidden away from sight. Not only does this mean your cables will stay nice and tidy, but it also means they won’t pose a tripping hazard when you’re setting up or packing away again at the end of the event.

Use a preamp if you want

A preamp is a device that amplifies the voltage of an input signal to a level high enough to drive an amplifier or some other type of load. It typically has a single input and multiple outputs which feed one or more different devices. They can be used in combination with other equipment to provide more detail in high-level volumes.

Upgrade early

It’s important to make sure you get the right amplifier for your speaker. If you do not, it could potentially mean that your sound quality will be lackluster. Not to mention that some amplifiers are a lot more powerful than others which can also make a difference in how loudly your music sounds. 

To save yourself time and money (you’ll want to find one that suits your needs), it’s best to know what options you have before looking at pricing so you can have a good idea of what features are available in each amp model.

Add versatility to any system

What the amplifier does is broaden your speaker’s connection to power sources. Essentially, amplifiers give you more options as a consumer and also offer versatility to any system. It doesn’t matter if you want powerful surround sound or not: amplifiers are vital pieces of equipment. Without them, speakers will only be able to use their internal power source, like with a laptop.

Connectivity options matter

It has been said that the amplifier should not only be thought of as a way to amplify sound but also as a way to regulate speaker functions. For example, without an amplifier, a tweeter will simply buzz with each input it receives from the music.

If you want to set your tweeter at max power and enjoy it, you will need an amplifier. Likewise, if you wish to change what frequency ranges are being played, you need to use an amplifier.

Easy installation

Installing a good amp is pretty easy. While installing one of these devices can seem daunting to some, most of the steps are the same as wiring a guitar amplifier. Just make sure you read the instructions before installing your new amp and be sure to ground yourself at the point where you’re going to be touching any metal on the speaker cabinet. The last thing you want is to install an amp only to fry it from static electricity!

Subwoofer integration

A subwoofer is often one of the first and most important pieces of equipment to integrate into a sound system, as it is responsible for creating the low-frequency response. A subwoofer can be mixed into the system in several ways; in many cases, they are set to a fixed crossover frequency with all frequencies below that point directed towards the subwoofer. This integration can take many forms, depending on your preferences and the performance goals of your system.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you need to have a speaker with an amplifier. Without one, your audio will be rendered useless and not come through with any quality. Investing in a speaker with an amplifier is going to provide your event with much better sound than if you had just invested in a standard speaker set-up. One more reason is that you won’t end up draining the battery on your phone by running the sound directly off of it, which may not even produce the best quality anyway.

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