When you are looking for a property to buy, it can be easy to get carried away. You love the property on the first view. You are wowed by the space that is available and the style of the house. However, it is important to make sure that you look out for any key warning signs. The last thing you want is for this place to turn into a nightmare. Plus, if you stumble across any issues, you could end up getting the house for a better price.

  • Paint – While new paint may seem like a good thing, it could be a sign that the owner of the house is trying to cover something up. This is especially the case if the paint has only been applied in certain areas of the property. The best thing to do is run your hands down the wall, and look at the area from different viewpoints. This may alert you to signs of an issue.
  • Insurance – You need to take out home insurance to protect your investment as well. It makes sense to do research first to see how much this will cost. Are there any insurance traps that could make the house more expensive? Don’t forget that there are ways to counteract this too, for example, there are senior discounts for homeowners insurance and other special offers online as well.
  • Temperature – Is the house too warm or too cold? Don’t simply assume that the homeowner enjoys a stuffy environment or that they like living in the cold. Maybe they don’t have a choice? If the house feels humid and too hot, there could be a problem. If the house is too cold, discover whether there are any draughts or if the windows are double or triple glazed. If not, this could be an expensive job, so you may want to ask for some money knocked off the asking price.
  • Plumbing – There are a number of things around the home you should check with regards to the plumbing. Make sure you run the taps in the bathroom and kitchen to ensure the water flows properly. You should also flush the toilet too. By doing this, you can check the house has good water pressure and that everything drains properly.

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Also, check the location and the age of the water heater. After all, plumbing systems are integral to any property and certain issues may not be evident straight away.

  • Roofing – Last but not least, checking the roof is pivotal, yet it is part of a property that most people tend to overlook. Not only do you need to find out how old the roof is, but also you should check the gutters. This will enable you to see whether the drainage systems are in good working order or not. You should also be looking for any dry rot. If you find any, this indicates poor ventilation, which can lead to crumbling and sagging.

So there you have it: the key warning signs you need to look out for when you are viewing any type of property. Of course, it is important to invest in a professional survey if you are planning to go ahead and buy the house in question. Some things aren’t always notable to the untrained eye.

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