In 2020, all world economies were shaken by the pandemic of unprecedented scope. However, there have been upsides. Online trading has been booming in many countries, including Nigeria and South Africa. Financial literacy is improving. More and more people master online investment as a source of income.

Exinity embodies a novel concept of digital wealth management. It allows traders across the world to access the financial market with trillion-dollar potential. This group of companies develops innovative solutions for trading and investment.

Overview of Opportunities

Online trading is a broad term. It is applied to different markets, from currencies to complex derivatives like binary options. Today, there is a great variety of instruments, but most of them follow the same logic. This is the old mantra of the stock exchange — you buy low and sell high.

Cutting-edge platforms facilitate the trading of different assets. They allow users to build diverse portfolios of investment. These help them achieve higher profits and lower the typical risks.

Exinity provides innovative systems with cross-platform functionality. Users can work from any location and switch devices during the day. They can trade from their laptops, PCs, tablets, or mobile phones. Exinity’s trading brands, Alpari and ForexTime, offer a broad spectrum of opportunities. These include:

1.   New Opportunities in Forex

People have been exchanging currencies since the emergence of international trade. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that forex trading became available online. Now, this gigantic market can be accessed by anyone with a computer and a registered account.

Calling it gigantic is not an exaggeration. The daily volume of the foreign exchange is estimated to exceed 6 trillion US dollars, which makes it the largest financial market in existence. Clients of Exinity access this huge profit potential every day.

Traders buy currencies when they are cheaper and sell them when they appreciate it. This logic is straightforward, which is why Forex is so wildly popular. As a rule, it is the starting point for many investors.

While Majors (e.g., EUR/USD) are the most liquid instruments, they are also relatively stable. This means high profits are usually achieved with high volumes. On the other hand, less popular combinations like USD/TRY are more volatile, so short-term changes are more significant. Traders are free to choose the assets they like. The point is to pick instruments whose logic is clear.

2.   The Most Flexible Derivatives

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are increasingly popular virtual derivatives. In 2021, they are expected to continue their impressive growth. The appeal is connected to their accessible and leveraged nature.

First, holders of CFDs profit from the underlying assets without buying them. Secondly, they can trade on margin to maximize their results. At the moment, members of the Exinity group offer the following options:

  • CFDs on stocks of corporate giants like Amazon or Facebook,
  • CFDs on crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple,
  • CFDs on market indices like FTSE 100 or S&P 500,
  • CFDs on commodities like crude oil or natural gas, and more.

The price of a CFD repeats the dynamics of the underlying asset. Traders speculate on price trends alone and do not have to think about ownership constraints. Their profit is the difference between entry and closing.

This makes the derivatives easier to access than any conventional equity. Member companies offer competitive conditions and affordable entry. For example, an FXTM stock CFD account may be opened with just $100.

Trading on margin means that brokers boost their clients’ buying power. For instance, leverage of 1:100 means the trader may open a position worth $10,000 when there is just $100 in their account. This maximizes returns if the trader follows a consistent strategy.

3.   Trading of Precious Metals

Gold and silver will never lose their appeal. Fortunately, it is not necessary to store bullions to capitalize on market growth. Exinity offers spot metal trading.

Both metals are valued against major currencies like the American dollar. TThe logic is similar to forex. Traders need a good knowledge of the commodity market to succeed.

Spot metal trading is not a novel concept. What has changed is the software used? Now, it is done through advanced trading terminals that facilitate analysis. In the aftermath of the chaos caused by Covid-19, investors are interested in stable assets. This is why gold and silver spot trading is projected to grow in 2021.

Facilitation of Progress

Online trading is a robust industry which is incessantly growing. Brokers keep coming up with new solutions that facilitate analysis, trading, and payment processing. Exinity is at the forefront of innovation. Its member brands provide versatile software, diverse educational resources, and efficient support. Today, these opportunities are in higher demand than ever.

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