The forex market represents one of the biggest financial entities of its type anywhere in the world, with an estimated $6.6 trillion traded globally every single day.

However, succeeding in the market can be challenging, as the very characteristics that make it so popular can also contribute to significant losses within a short period of time. Conversely, the market’s increased leverage and derivative nature make it possible to earn considerably more than your initial deposit, which is a huge boon to traders of all descriptions.

In this post, we’ll ask how you can become the perfect trader and the individual steps that make this possible.

Make Knowledge Your Key Watchword

Knowledge is arguably your single most important tool as a forex trader, as this helps to inform your decision making and creates a sense of determinism that factors in the underlying laws that govern change and price shifts.

With a solid foundation of knowledge, you can develop more practical trading skills, primarily by utilising the type of demo account feature that’s available on platforms such as the MetaTrader 4.

During this process, you’ll also become increasingly analytical and disciplined in your trading activity, as you’ll have honed an investment strategy that’s tried and tested and can be trusted over an extended period of time.

This type of practice also helps to develop a keen sense of patience, which is extremely important when looking to achieve long-term forex gains.

Study the Markets in Real-time

In addition to having a deterministic and theoretical knowledge of the market, we’d also recommend studying the foreign exchange in real-time.

This means gaining an understanding of the market’s live conditions, along with the macroeconomic and geo-political factors that are impacting on the exchange rates that define specific pairings.

There are various analytical tools and technical indicators that provide an insight into real-time trends and movements, many of which are accessible through the aforementioned MT4 platform.

By combining these with real-time news sources and key economic data releases, you can adopt a flexible approach and make the best possible decision at any given time.

Manage Your Risk and Know When to Stop

On a final note, it’s also important to manage your risk as a forex trader and know precisely when to stop and abandon trades.

Fortunately, trading platforms come with an array of features that help in this respect, with stop losses offering a relevant case in point.

These can be applied to automatically close positions once they’ve incurred a predetermined level of loss, depending on the size of the trade and the market conditions.

This can help you to curb losses in a volatile and 24-hour global market, providing a significant safety net for your hard-earned capital.


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