Anybody who has had any kind of iGaming experience is aware that gambling operators offer various promotions to their customers. This is one of the strategies they employ to remain relevant in the online betting industry, as it becomes increasingly difficult for them to distinguish themselves from other online casinos.

Each casino has a number of bright contrasts from its competitors, so its promotional activity should be different as well. It is nearly impossible to cover all of them in one article, but the Q&A with Milan Rabszski can make it easy for everyone. Milan is one of the known gamblers who has thoroughly studied the gambling industry in Polish. He is the editor-in-chief of TopKasynoOnline. Milan is a creator of the company’s mission – stworzono przez Polaków dla Polaków (created by Poles for Poles)and he proves in practice his commitment to the principles of this concept. During his 80-day visit to the United States, he had a lot of talks about his main passion, TopKasynoOnline, and his new project: kody promocyjne do casino 2022 [valid where legal]

Milan discussed the details of using promo codes at online casinos, while giving an interview to his old friend Johnny, who is a journalist of the glorified US Casino Magazine. Apart from that, he depicted the relevancy of promo codes to his interviewer, describing the most beneficial bonus bundles, which are not always clear. Here and now, we offer to your attention the most hotly-debated issues.

Q: How did Milan Rabszski do his polling? How did he select the players? Which they are from?

Milan opted to poll the players of different states that he’s visited for playing online casino games. The areas from which he chooses the players are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, and California. The main criterion for the selection of his promo survey was the widest possible audience coverage. 

Q: Why did Milan Rabszski take interest in bonus codes? What are these promo codes? What benefits do bonus codes bring?

Promo codes are gaining huge popularity and have been around for a long time, playing an important role for many gambling websites. Those who are used to playing online casino games know about the core benefits of promo codes already: they are time-saving and potentially help players make more money. Milan Rabszski has witnessed the effectiveness of bonus codes firsthand for promo strategies: the average bet and number of players are increasing. And, for lucky players, the average win increases, too. 

So, everyone can easily get started with promotional codes in digital casinos. Apart from that, one can also Search for Kody promocyjne do casino 2022. As well, online casinos frequently send promotional codes to users who have subscribed to their newsletter.

Q: What are the motives behind using coupon codes?

Milan Rabszski highlights the main reason for the players’ uncertainty: “We already know that people are afraid of promotional codes in online casinos because they believe they will owe more than they will receive, but this is not the case. The casino only provides you with an additional chance to win. And if you fail, you can stop playing at this casino and not deposit any more money there, and no one will hold you accountable.”

That’s why we draw conclusions: if you are new to online games, promotional codes will help you increase the number of games available to you, giving you more opportunities to gain experience in this industry. Apart from that, promo codes allow you to win real money as well while playing online games.

Q: Do all casinos offer bonus codes?

Not all casinos provide bonus codes — it’s a privilege rather than a right. Experienced players use bonus codes more frequently because they understand the benefits they can obtain from them; they frequently look for additional bonuses from the casino.

As a result, if you use casino bonus codes, you will not lose anything, but you will be able to obtain a lot more opportunities! You may even win a jackpot as a result of your online casino’s bonuses. Isn’t the opportunity priceless? It’s well worth it.

Q: What do bonus codes look like, and how can they be found?

You are, of course, familiar with promotional codes, which look like alphanumeric strings. Online stores provide them to encourage purchases on their websites, and they are typically associated with a larger promotional marketing strategy. A promo code’s discount can be applied to individual products or an entire order.

The discount can be either a percentage or a fixed amount. Customers can also benefit from free delivery or gift-wrapping when they use a promotional code. Casinos often compete to provide visitors with the best bonus codes and deals — after all, if you find a casino with great promotions, you’re more likely to stick with that site.

The same thing is happening in the online gambling industry. Martin emphasizes that in the battle for the player, online casinos’ most powerful weapon is the use of bonuses. Because the competition in the gambling industry is fierce, many different tricks are employed to increase the client base, attract new players, and retain existing users. 

There are numerous bonus options: 

  • No deposit bonuses; 
  • Free credits
  • Free spins

Bonus codes are a subtype of standard bonus offers that are credited only after a special code is entered. In most cases, all you need to get a bonus is to enter a promo code; no deposit is required. The claiming scenarios, on the other hand, may vary greatly.

Q: What are the main rules for using bonus codes at casinos?

Aside from the bonus itself, Milan recommends paying attention to the conditions that the casino imposes to receive it. Read the customer agreement carefully, and select the offers that you can meet the requirements of. What’s the point of a large bonus if you can’t use the money you win with it?

When it comes to using promo codes, the following are some of the most common claim scenarios:

  • Registration
  • Clicking on the referral link
  • Inviting a friend
  • Playing a specific game
  • Making a deposit 

These special conditions, emphasizes Milan, reduce the likelihood of you losing a large sum of money. Gambling is governed by a simple set of rules. You can win more money if you bet more money. However, the more money you bet – the more money you risk losing. One may want to play a few games, but the prospect of losing money may deter them. Casino promotions lower your risk and, in some cases, increase your chances of winning.

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Q: How does the game change with the bonus code?

Milan is decisive in his response: “Bonus codes encourage people to play and draw new players in by allowing them to create gaming accounts. Most online gamblers are easily enticed by freebies and other perks that represent a chance to make a lot of money with little effort. Bonus codes are an excellent way to attract new players to an online casino.”

These codes are used at casinos to redeem specific prizes or gain access to certain perks. They are intended to provide certain benefits that are typically only available to registered users. Some are given away when you create an account, while others are given away when you reach certain levels in the game. It could be more playing time, playing chips, or tokens that can be exchanged for something the player wants.

Q: What opportunities open up for players in new promotions using codes? What role do bonus codes play?

Aside from better rewards, there are promo codes that will reduce players’ capital requirements. For some readers, Milan says, this may not seem noteworthy, but experienced gamblers are aware that some casino bonuses may require them to wager the amount more than 50 or even 60 times. As a result, fulfilling these conditions without forfeiting the bonus amount is nearly impossible.

Surprisingly, these bonus codes are typically entered after making a deposit. As a result, those who want to put them to the test must contact customer service after funding their accounts.

Step By Step: Use of Bonus Code

Create Your Online Casino Account

If you are looking for Kody promocyjne do casino 2022, make sure to compare various casinos. Some will have better offers than others, so take your time and research. Once you’ve found a suitable site, it’s time to create your online casino account. 

Look for the Welcome Bonus

This offer should be available on the casino’s homepage or under the Promotions tab.

Keep the Bonus Code in Mind

You will use the bonus code to take advantage of the offer. 

Go Over the Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions before using the bonus code. You should look over the minimum and maximum deposit amounts, as well as the playthrough requirements.

Make a Deposit and Use the Bonus Code

When making your deposit, make use of the bonus. To make a deposit, go to the cashier, select a method (at TopKasynoOnline, you can use all popular payment methods in Poland: Blik, Przelewy24, Paysafecard, Bitcoin [valid where legal] and Ecopayz), and enter the bonus code in the Bonus Offer section.

Begin Playing Online

You can begin playing once you have made a deposit using the bonus code. Check to see what games you need to play to clear the bonus. Check which games are eligible for the promotion and wager the required amount to cash out winnings.

For more information, you can contact TopKasynoOnline portal manager by calling +48 22 595 14 00, sending an email to, or visiting our office in Złota 59, 00-120 Warsaw.

Note: Unfortunately, on the issue date of this article (March 2022), the legalization of the private gambling industry is undergoing a number of difficulties in Poland, so the content in this article is used only for informational purposes and is available to users outside of Poland.

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