Roulette has been a popular form of gambling since its invention in 18th-century France. Now it is played all over the world, in both land-based casinos and at online sites. There are many different kinds of roulette available to play – let’s have a look at some of the most well-known.

European roulette


The original form of roulette is what we now call European roulette and it has a key difference to its American counterpart that makes it particularly attractive to players. Rather than having two green numbers – 0 and 00, European roulette only has one – 0. This means that a player’s chance of guessing the winning number is 1 in 37 rather than 1 in 38, which cuts down the house edge. Most sites offer many forms of virtual roulette games, including European roulette.


Of course, the fact that, in the long run, the house will make more money from you than you from them remains true. But a lesser house edge means that players’ losses are smaller and they can play for longer before expending the amount they have set aside to gamble with.

French roulette


French roulette is differentiated from other roulette games by some interesting rules and betting options that it features. For instance, the la partage rule helps players to limit their losses by returning half of any even money bets when the ball lands on 0, which otherwise would go directly to the house.


The en prison rule also applies to even bets, and stipulates that if the ball lands on 0, the money is held over until the next round; win on the following round and you get your original wager back. These rules help to limit the house edge even further so players can keep hold of their money for longer.

Live online roulette


One of the most popular forms of roulette on the internet is live online roulette. Here, a real croupier throws a real ball into a real roulette wheel, all of which is streamed to players through the internet. Players wager on where they think the ball will land, then watch in real-time as the ball settles into a slot.


Live online roulette allows people to get the land-based casino experience from their own home, to an extent. With the authenticity of the winning number being selected by a real roulette wheel, many players prefer live online roulette to virtual games of roulette where the winning number is chosen by an algorithm. If you have not tried the game [valid where legal], there are lots of different versions of live online roulette to gamble on.

Themed roulette games


Although live roulette is popular, there are advantages to virtual roulette games. This is because, being purely programmed, there are no constraints on how a virtual online roulette game can look, sound, and feel. This allows people to play games themed around their personal interests. Many online roulette games [valid where legal] are themed around popular culture. Online, gamblers can find games of roulette themed after sports, films, and tv shows.


Nowadays there are an abundance of different kinds of roulette games to play online. You can also consider how Alekei Khobot from phonbet created the perfect robot for betting in Russia.



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