More often than not, most casino games are very related to mathematics, and mastery of some important math principles could be instrumental to earning impressively in your games. The Fibonacci system is a well-known mathematical number sequence that we should all be familiar with from high school.

It appears like normal arithmetic on the face of it. This math sequence is somewhat different, which is why the sequence was named after the creator of this sequence, the Italian mathematician Fibonacci. However, if you want to make those millions from betting, this sequence is very instrumental in you doing so. Here are a few things you should know about the scheme and how it can change your betting life forever.

What is the Fibonacci Sequence?

The sequence is a progression of numbers ranging from zero to almost infinity. The sum of the preceding numbers determines the value of the number in the sequence. It’s a simple arithmetic of 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, and so on. The sequence adds the initial sum and a new preceding number to make a new sequence.

In betting and most casino games, most gamblers have realized that the Fibonacci sequence can be used to design an effective staking strategy, especially when the games have a 50/50 payout. It’s okay if you follow the staking plan made available at random. However, these plans don’t tell you what to bet on. Because of the logical flow of simple arithmetic calculations, with the Fibonacci sequence, you get to know what bet to stake in certain circumstances.

Using the Fibonacci Sequence

To use the Fibonacci sequence more effectively, you need to have and maintain a consistent betting unit. When you have identified the range of your stakes and the specific unit per bet you want to wager, the Fibonacci sequence will determine the subsequent wager. Gamblers rely on sequences and logical calculations like this to recover their losses in plain language.

The plan is to double your bet each time you lose a wager. The sequence you will get from the Fibonacci system will help you recover your wager in the long run if you sum each of your consistent units of wager and wager the next subsequent sum sequence each time you lose the preceding one. This doesn’t only apply after you lose. It also applies when you win.

The rule when applying the Fibonacci sequence to betting is that you must move one number up the Fibonacci sequence when you lose a wager and bet the number of units you get. On the other hand, you have to move two numbers down the sequence line and bet the new value you get as your wager when you win. This helps you maximize your winning potential and minimize the damage you will suffer with every loss.

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Is the Fibonacci System the Best?

The Fibonacci system is amazing when the player has an unlimited bankroll to deal with. You also must possess some level of skills to be sure you can at least break even with the number of losses you’ve suffered if you keep going up the line of sequence, hoping to win back your losses. Someone with a limited bankroll won’t have the financial leisure to keep doubling their losses to arrive at an eventual win.

To achieve the desired result, you have to ensure that you leave intuition and emotion out. Else, not much will be achieved. However, this system is not designed for all types of games you will find in casinos. For the system to work, you need to be sure the game you are applying the system to naturally has at least 50/50 odds. It is only when the odds are balanced and you have a consistent wager unit that this system can bring about some winning leverage in the long run.

If the odds of winning are higher, you don’t even need this system. Also, the wager must have uniform odds for each game. The Fibonacci system might not work if the odds vary as the wager increases. There must be some level of consistency before the system can be effective.

Final Reflections

The Fibonacci system is a strategy that best works for land-based casinos, and it is in itself a flawed logic that doesn’t apply all the time. Even at 50/50 odds, the chances are not entirely altered for some games because of some sequence.

Also, with the trend of online casinos, like the JustSpin online [valid where legal] casino, applying strategies like this has become increasingly difficult as the casinos rely heavily on computer algorithms. Your best bet remains to rely on a great staking strategy that works and sticks to it.

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