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As real money is involved, there is no investment plan in which the ‘risk-factor” does not exist. Making a wrong decision can lead you toward serious losses. That is why it is important to plan the investments carefully in order to make maximum profits. To achieve your financial goals, you have to choose an investment avenue that is secure and inflation-proof.


Here are some of the most lucrative investment options you can choose from as per your needs that can give you awesome returns.


Online real money games in India


There are lots of online gaming platforms that host real money games around the clock. Poker is one of the most popular games that you can play in cash games or tournament formats. At Poker tables, you wager money to compete against other players. If you win, you get all the money the participants invest in the game.


Poker is not just an entertainment medium. It is an amazing investment product where you can make your big money just by using your mental skills. Players from all over the country are participating in real money online games regularly and making good profits. Unlike most other investment options, you can begin and stop playing Poker as per your convenience. Also, you can request to redeem your prize money easily into your bank account anytime. If you are new to the game, there are lots of books and video tutorials available in India to help you learn to play Poker.


Mutual funds

A mutual fund is your contribution to a large investment pool created by investors who share a common income/gain goal. There is a dedicated fund manager who invests your money in stocks, bonds, and other assets as per their performance in the market. As a fee for his professional services, he takes a percentage of the invested amount. Mutual funds are a high-risk investment as they are subject to market fluctuations. Due to this, they offer better returns as compared to most other investment instruments. Equity funds, Debt funds, and Hybrid funds are the most popular types of mutual funds.

Fixed deposit

As the name suggests, you keep a fixed amount of money in a bank or a financial company for a fixed tenure to earn the interest. You cannot withdraw the money before maturity. This is a traditional method that can be the best choice for you if you have long-term money-making goals and are looking for a safe, secure, and stable investment. The market conditions cannot affect the returns on your fixed deposit.

Saving Account


The money you put in your bank saving account generates interest. Although the interest rates are lesser than an FD, it is a low-risk investment that is a must-have for everyone. Moreover, you can use this money for expenses such as online shopping or bills payment. As there is no lock-in period, you can also withdraw your money from your account anytime you want.

There are a number of factors such as market trends, government policies, etc that can affect your possibilities of getting the most out of your investments. To get maximum returns on your money, you have to invest your money smartly. Even if you play real money games in India, you need to follow Poker tips and tricks to ensure staying a step ahead of your opponents and win money at the tables. Although there are several investment instruments available in the market, it is important to do proper research before putting your hard-earned money to work. It is highly recommended to evaluate all the options thoroughly to find out which one suits your requirements the best.


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