What are the best strategies to make money betting on football? It’s difficult to make a good profit from betting without a clear strategy. You can start by reading expert predictions for upcoming sport matches.

Long term thinking will make your betting profitable. You should maintain a few strategies to achieve this. The 4 best strategies are outlined here.

  1. Surebet strategy

A surebet is a bet which guarantees you a profit. You can place a surebet at several bookmakers. How does this work exactly? You place two opposite bets, with similar odds. This rarely happens. 

With surebets, it is important to act quickly: AS Roma play the derby against Lazio this weekend. Bookmaker A give odds of 2.10 on a ‘more than 2.5 goals’ bet. If Bookmaker B gives odds of 2.20 on ‘less than 2.5 goals’, it’s a surebet. By betting 10 euros on both bets, you’ll always make a profit. It is however important to know the obstacles surrounding surebets.

  1. Pie model

In principle, this model is very simple. You bet a portion of your bankroll at a time, rather than all at once. You start by dividing your bankroll into twenty pieces. We call this piecing together. 

  1. 79th minute strategy

With the surebet strategy we place bets that are guaranteed to win. There are no guarantees with the 79th minute strategy – a live betting strategy – but it is low risk!

Sometimes matches start explosively. At some point, all the players get tired. These types of matches provide the perfect opportunity to place a live bet in the 79th minute. The odds won’t be very high, but the risk will also be minimal. However, it is not risk-free, so keep that in mind!

  1. Bookmaker bonuses

Bookmakers usually give out nice bonuses, such as free bets. By cleverly taking advantage of them, you can easily increase your bankroll.


Start with a small bankroll anyway, so that you reduce the risk of losing a lot of money. A good way to increase your bankroll is by unlocking welcome bonuses at various bookmakers.

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