Your bachelor pad is your masculine sanctuary. Whether you’ve gotten out of a long-term relationship or you’re just living your best life, this space fully represents your independence. Bachelor pads have a certain reputation of not being super inviting to lady folk. If you feel you’ve met someone special and you’re interested in transitioning from a lone wolf to a party of two, you might need to make some upgrades.


Your home speaks volumes about who you are as a person: your interests, your cleanliness, and your overall preparedness. If your relationship is anything more than a fling, you’ll want her to be comfortable enough to spend time alone with you at your place. Here are a few ways you can prep your bachelor pad for that special someone.

The Temperature of Love


Studies have shown that women are more sensitive to temperature than men, especially the cold. If your AC unit is on the fritz either blasting air that’s way too cold without the ability to regulate it or if it’s simply not working at all, you’ll definitely want to get that fixed before bringing her over.


Whether you’re looking for AC repair in Spokane or AC repair in Colorado Springs, Air Pros USA has your back. They provide excellent, professional repairs that you can trust. Showing your future woman that you take care of the appliances in your home makes you a more viable mate. Make sure your room is chilly before things with your partner get a little hot.

Exceeding Her Expectations


When you invite a woman back to your place, everyone knows that’s the universal language for the hope of being intimate. Sometimes things don’t work like they used to, whether it’s age or maybe you’re feeling nervous. There’s no shame in getting a little help. There are ways to ensure that your physical relationship is exciting and successful.


Clinical studies have proven that men who use VigRX Plus report an improvement in their quality of erection. Over sixty percent of men reported an increase in their ability to maintain an erection and over seventy percent saw an increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction.


VigRX Plus is made with all-natural ingredients and should be safe for long-term use according to its clinical study. She never even has to know that you’re taking it. Excuse yourself to the bathroom, take a pill, and go have fun, you crazy kids.


A Brand New Start


If your bachelor pad consists entirely of furniture that your ex picked out, it might be time to upgrade your abode. Having a woman’s touch in your home is always nice, but your past relationship probably comes with a lot of baggage, and all of that furniture reflects it.


Even if you’re not ready to move in with your new girlfriend, she might enjoy helping you pick a new bed frame and mattress, as well as a new couch. This will help launch you into the future. This will show your girlfriend that you’re ready to move on and move forward. This will make her feel welcome in your space.

This tip makes all the difference.


You might not want to make some of the bigger changes mentioned above. You might not be entering into a long-term relationship, and that’s okay. However, if there’s only one thing you do to prepare for a lady coming over, please—for the love of all things that are good—clean your home!


Are you hoping to spend some time in your bed? Wash your sheets. After you wash your sheets, actually make your bed, or else it won’t look like your cleaned your sheets. Do you have dirty dishes? She’s not going to clean those while she’s over, so you need to do it yourself. When was the last time you cleaned the toilet bowl or the shower? Don’t just settle for a rinse; go out and buy some Clorox. Nothing is more attractive than a clean home. Oh, while you’re at it, put the toilet seat down.


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