30% of Americans have used  online dating to meet someone and find love. There is more to it than just swiping left and right though. If you really want to  find the perfect partner, you have to use the right dating site, get your profile right, and post some fabulous photos. You should also take your time getting to know someone, being careful with your communications. Love doesn’t have to be a rush when you are dating online.


Keep safe online


Your own  personal safety is paramount when it comes to online dating. 55% of people on dating sites have experienced challenging behaviour from another user. When you are getting to know someone, don’t give out too much personal information. You should choose a username that is different from your real name and never give out your personal address. Don’t ever give out financial information either, even if you feel that you trust the person.  Be extremely mindful of catfishing when you’re online – if someone seems too good to be true, it is likely that they are.


Move cautiously 


Even if you’re  craving love and companionship, take your time getting to know someone online before making the decision to meet up. Get to know their motivations and their personality, and find some common ground. Using video call to communicate (preferable within a dating app or site) is essential – then you can be sure that the person who you’re interested in is actually who they say they are. Building up trust and rapport with someone takes time. Ultimately, you are trying to establish whether the person lives up to your standards, not vice versa.


Organizing your first date


For  your first date together, choose a public destination during the day, and make sure you stay sober. Choose to share a fun experience, like going for a picnic together, rather than sitting in a dingy bar. Listen intently, and share stories from your own life too to engage with them and build trust. Be friendly, funny and conversational, just like you would be online. At the end of the date, don’t feel under pressure to organize a second one: just say that you’ll be in touch to arrange one if you want to see them again.


If you want to win at online dating, have confidence in yourself, and make sure the person meets YOUR standards. Take your time getting to know them before you make the decision to go on a first date.



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