So, you’re planning on bringing a new best friend home for the first time? Poor little thing will never likely see their Mommy again and will be scared and alone, but excited to be part of a new pack (your family), hopefully forever!

You need to make their home as homely as possible, and for this you need to ‘think puppy’. Yes, you need a bowl (and a place to teach them to poop too!), as well as that lead and harness to go on adventures with them.

But what about a dog blanket? This might make their home a super happy place in their first few nights, and a thing of security when you’re not with them. Let’s take a look at why a FunnyFuzzy leaf shaped dog blanket could be THE thing that makes your new member of the family feel right at home.

Why Every Pup Loves their Blanket

Did you know that one of the most basic instincts of a puppy is to wrap themselves up to feel secure? They are born blind and deaf, so can only feel and smell in their first few weeks. Their Mom will be close and they will be in a small den so everything around them they feel and smell is safe and secure.

When you go to collect the pup, it may be a big winner to ask the vendor to rub the blanket on the Mom so it has her smell. As the pup leaves home, so he or she will be able to smell their Mom and feel comfortable on their journey into the unknown…

At their new den (your home) then it may help to give positive associations with the blanket and you. You are their pack leader now and they will associate good things with you too. That means you might roll around and play with them on the blanket, and perhaps give them treats. That will help them feel good about you, and of course the blanket.

As they grow up, the dog blanket will have a variety of purposes for them. Like children, pups have baby teeth and will feel uncomfortable as they teethe their adult teeth. You may see them chewing on it to deal with the discomfort.

Sadly their human masters can’t take them to work or school (however much you’d love to!). The dog may turn to the blanket as a place of security when you aren’t about and they want some attention. You may find that they choose their blanket over your couch – not always a bad thing when they molt in Spring!

FunnyFuzzy, dog

FunnyFuzzy – Great Design

Though some people may challenge you on this, dogs don’t have a sense of human style. You will though, which is why as well as wanting a dog blanket that suits your puppy’s desires, one that looks good will suit your needs too! That’s why the leaf shaped dog blankets sold by FunnyFuzzy tick all the right boxes, with their practical aspects like being machine washable yet just looking right in your home. Both you and your pup will come to love it in your own ways!

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