Pets are the best friends of humans. Just like us they too need special care and attention. The drawback with pets is that they’re unable to convey their message if they’re suffering. That is why all pet owners need to take their pets to the veterinary clinic regularly for thorough checkup, even if they look fine.

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Symptoms of Pet Emergency

Emergencies can occur anytime. Since you know your pet’s regular behavior, therefore any slight changes in their regular behavior will be noticeable. New pet owners may not be accustomed to behavioral changes and alarming situations. Thus, we provide you with common symptoms that will alert you instantly to contact their vet clinic –

  • Pets generally run around, eat leaves and junk outside, then vomit and get back to their normal life. However, those pets that vomit frequently look pale, lethargic, and eat less need immediate medical attention.
  • When pets have a gastric ulcer, parasite infection, or swallow a foreign object, they vomit blood or blood clots that look like coffee beans.
  • Blood in stool is also an alarming situation because it could be due to parasite infection that may be hookworms, whipworms, giardia, or roundworms.
  • If your pet isn’t eating anything for more than 24 hours, then they need immediate medical assistance because it can be due to fatty liver, intestinal problems, or maybe cancer.
  • When your pet is getting old, or suffering from heart issues or other major problems, you’ll see a drop in their energy level. They may also collapse or get unconscious.
  • You know your pet’s urination cycle because you’ve trained them accordingly. If you see any abnormality in their routine like frequent, excessive, or less urination, then they may have some bladder problem and will need immediate assistance.
  • Coughing and sneezing are common among pets because they keep sniffing things all day. If the cough lasts for long, or you see nose, eyes, ear discharge, it may be signs of pneumonia.
  • Itchy skin and hair loss can be due to mites, ticks, or fleas. However, they can also be due to fungal or yeast infection, endocrine problems, staph infection, or other hormonal problems.
  • If you feel your pet’s body is stiff or they have a problem in getting up from the floor or unable to walk properly, there are chances that they’re suffering from arthritis, disc disease, Lyme disease, hip dysplasia, or a ruptured ligament.

You should always keep the vet clinic and their emergency phone number available in your dial list. Delay in care can lead to serious symptoms. Since they’re unable to express themselves, therefore we must keep them healthy.

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