Because there’s nothing more unsightly than a feline’s @$$hole, Cat Crib is selling Twinkle Tush. It’s a glittery jewel that hangs from the tail to cover your kitty’s back door. Of course, the product site insists the Twinkle Tush is a gag gift only — don’t go attaching this thing to your cat for more than a photo opportunity. Not that you have to take my word for it! Your feline friend will surely let you know how she feels in her her own way. But probably in the form of scratching and biting. Just a hunch!




Thanks to Greg for sending in the tip. I think? I’m not entirely sure.

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  1. Roland Matte

    Categories: Pets & Animals, Products, WTF…….classic!

  2. Jennifer Fulk

    “Because there’s nothing more unsightly than” …poop sticking to the jewel. Lol