Although there is still enough time left until the next Christmas, it’s never too early to think about gifts, especially when it comes to your beloved pet. After all, they are true members of the family and make your days brighter just by being by your side and showing you their unconditional love.

However, if you truly want to be original and make sure your pet feels spoiled throughout the year, here are some gift suggestions you might find interesting.

A sleeping heated bed

Mainly intended for dogs and cats, a sleeping heated bed is the perfect gift to offer in the wintertime. These products are made of soft materials and provide perfect cushion for your pets to snuggle at all times. You can even set the desired temperature so you can rest assured your cat or dog will have a good night’s sleep.

An automatic food dispenser

There are thousands of options available on the market, so make sure to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. If you often go on weekend trips or spend too much time at work, an automatic food dispenser will make sure your pets are well-fed throughout the day.

Although this may not be the ideal way to offer high-quality food for your ferret, it could prove a good investment for cats, dogs, and even rabbits or chinchillas. And, if you’re willing to pay an extra buck, you can even get to see and hear what your pets are up to through a pre-installed webcam on some of these food dispensers. 

Organic snacks

All animals love snacks, no matter if we’re talking about dogs, iguanas, ferrets or hamsters. And what better time to give in to some sweet temptations if not during the holiday season when everyone seems to worry less about calories and more about spending a good time with their families?

However, we do suggest sticking to organic snacks that are low in sugars, fats, and carbs to avoid further health and weight problems after Christmas.

Most rodents will be happy with some fresh and delicious berries, while cats can indulge themselves in fatty fish like salmon. Dogs are even easier to please as they can eat any type of meat or enjoy a dental stick that promotes healthy oral hygiene.


The concept of pre-paid mystery boxes delivered at your door every month may not be entirely new but now you have the chance of experiencing some of the thrills with your dog as well! The BarkBox promises to deliver each month different full-size bags of treats, meaty chews, toys, and other dog accessories. This way, Christmas can be celebrated throughout the year.

You can even customize the gift box according to your dog’s breed, age or diet preferences so that you can make sure it enjoys nothing but healthy treats. 

A pet carrier

If you’re planning on taking your pet with you on the next road trip or outdoor vacation, you need to be prepared with everything necessary, and that includes the perfect pet carrier.

Choosing one could prove somewhat difficult, especially with so many great options available on the market. We suggest you do your research according to your pet, its age, size, the type of material, and design.

Whether you’re opting for a plush carrier, a canvas one or a regular wired cage, you need to make sure the animal has perfect visibility and enjoys enough room to stretch its legs or feathers. Allowing your pet to know exactly what’s going on every moment of the trip will help it feel more relaxed and get rid of anxiety as well as the potentially aggressive behavior.

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