Seeing flocks of pigeons hovering over big cities, landing and taking flights to and fro on buildings, or resting on the rooftops may look like a scene full of life and vibrance to many. But this sight will definitely frighten anyone who has experienced the horrendous side effects of the accumulation of these birds. Pigeons can be harmful both for the environment and health. Their droppings are extremely corrosive and cause severe damage to buildings. They destroy the pathways and make the areas look dirty. Moreover, pigeons’ bodies are a carrier of fleas that may infect humans. Therefore, finding out pigeon control solutions to keep these birds away from the places where we dwell or work is important for our health and environment.

Centuries of domestication has made these birds quite comfortable in roosting and nesting around humans. Pigeons have an inbred homing instinct. They feel attached to the sites where they roost or nest. Hence, getting rid of them is not a piece of cake. Moreover, they usually breed six times a year and don’t hesitate to lay eggs on bare surfaces if need be. So, a few mating pairs around your windows can quickly turn into a disaster. Therefore, people keep inventing ways to get rid of them. Some techniques fail badly, but some come out to be effective. In this article, we will guide you about some most effective pigeon control solutions.

Birth Control for Pigeons

Do I sound insane to you? Trust me, I am not. Birth control is one of the most effective methods of keeping a check on the growing number of pigeons. In fact, in some cases, it is the only method that comes out to be useful because these birds are so stubborn they keep coming back to their roosting sites. So, a gradual reduction in their population will consequently keep their invasion controlled. Ovocontrol is a famous birth control program for pigeons. It is a humane method. The birth control medicine is added to the food of these birds, and it affects the fertility of their eggs. As a result, the laid eggs do not hatch. By using this method, the pigeon population can be reduced to 90% to 95%.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are bird deterrents that do not let pigeons land on a surface. Does it sound cruel to you? Let me inform you that it is an ideal method and is humane too. It works as a deterrent, not a defensive mechanism. Birds never actually land on these spikes; they only deter the pigeons.

Moreover, they aren’t so sharp that they will kill a living thing. Many options and sizes are available in the market. Always look for bird spikes that are made up of stainless steel and are easy to install so they may last longer and can be placed or replaced easily with the help of screws.

Bird Scaring Devices

Have you ever seen the scarecrows standing in the crops and fields waving his straw arms at you and scaring the birds away to secure the crops? Just like all other industries, this technology has also evolved a lot. These scarecrow devices are now innovated into owl decoys and sonic repellers or sometimes a combination of both. Owl decoys are the realistic-looking models of pigeon predators. They are usually made with shiny material to keep the pest birds uncomfortable when around. In comparison, sonic repellers are devices that use naturally recorded sounds of predators to scare the pigeons away.

Reflective Flash Tapes and Discs

Pigeons don’t like shiny, reflective, and patterned surfaces because they distract them during their flight. You can either make this type of deterrent at home using reflective tapes or old CDs or buy ready-made reflective deterrents available in market or online. This is one of the most cost-effective and easy to use pigeon deterrents. All you need to do is paste the reflective tape on the surfaces where pigeons frequently roost. You may check DIY tutorials on the internet to make these deterrents at home by using old CDs or other reflective materials.

Shock Tracks

Who likes the sudden electric shock? We know nobody does. Pigeons too get scared when they get the mild electric shock and fly away for the sake of their life. These tracks are an easy way to get rid of pigeons. Though it may sound cruel, using shock tracks is a humane method that is harmless for birds. Shock tracks produce very mild electric shocks when birds try to land on their surface. You may lay these tracks discretely and fix them either with glue or nail them to the walls, ledges, or rooflines that pigeons keep approaching. Soon your premises will be free of frequent trips of these culprits.

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