Dogs display a wide range of strange behaviors, or it may seem that way. Since they cannot vocalize what they want and their problems with you, they try to deliver them through actions.

Being observant, you may have noticed that your dog eating grass frantically, and it may concern you. But, you can decode your dog’s habit and find out the exact reason why it is behaving oddly.


When your puppy is growing up, they become little investigators. They are naturally curious about their surroundings and environment and do whatever they can to find out more.

It includes their sense of smell and taste. Your pup may be eating grass to explore what it is and taste it because of innate curiosity. This behavior is temporary and goes away as your puppy grows up.

If your puppy is still eating grass, it may be because they’re bored and doing it for fun.

Health Problems

Sometimes either because your dog is too hungry or because you have multiple dogs in your house, they might eat their food too fast. Dogs are territorial when it comes to their food and may eat quickly in fear that it will be taken away.

Dogs eat grass in such situations to calm their stomach. If your dog keeps eating grass and starts vomiting frequently, it’s time to get them checked by a professional.

Nutritional Deficiencies

While the modern-day dog doesn’t have many nutritional deficiencies if you’re feeding them with store-bought or vet recommended dog food, there still can be instances where they begin having deficiencies.

When your dog is missing nutrients in their diet, they usually resort to eating other substances, like grass and poop, to fulfill these deficiencies. If a dog is eating grass frantically wasn’t a problem before but is becoming one; this is likely the cause.

Attention Seeking Habit

Dogs like to be loved and taken care of. It doesn’t mean you have to pamper their needs and demands all day. You have to give them attention and play with them throughout whenever possible to prevent them from feeling lonely or getting depressed.

If your dog begins eating grass and exhibiting other strange behavior like staring at nothing for a long time, it could be their way of asking you for attention.

You can notice some differences when you start playing with them more.

Method to Stop Your Dog Eating Grass Frantically

If you’ve figured out why your dog is eating grass all of a sudden and why it’s becoming a habit for them, the solution becomes simple to achieve. You should try switching your dog’s diet and treats to see if that sorts out the grass eating.

If normal methods and discouragement aren’t working on your dog, it is time to consult a vet. Your dog may have deep-rooted health issues that led them to eat grass.

Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior

Eating grass too frequently can be disastrous for your dog’s health. It can expose it to parasites which can wreak havoc on your dog’s internal organs.

Roundworms can lead to diarrhea, while hookworms can cause anemia. These can be found in grass, and your dog will display additional symptoms if they catch a parasite from their frequent grass-eating activities.

Your dog may also begin having growth problems if parasites in its stomach start consuming the nutrients. These nutrients are meant for the dog’s growth and overall health. Your dog will start to look thinner and display lethargy throughout the day if there is a parasite problem.

Be observant about your dog’s habits, old and new, to make sure nothing is wrong with their health.

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