Teaching your dog tricks about good behaviour will surely help them physically and mentally. These tricks are also very helpful in building a strong relationship with your dog. The dog will give a response rightly whenever a command is given to it. The trick training session should not be longer than 10 minutes as a longer session can build frustration and decrease the effectiveness of training. If you want to know the right types of training for your dog, alphainstinctsdogtraining.com and Delaware K9 Academy can help you know the right practices. 

Some Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

A few tricks that are good for the behavioural development of your dog include:

  1. Sitting
  2. Shaking paw
  3. Waving
  4. Come 


Teach your dog how to sit when you start with the tricks session. It is the easiest, and the most natural command dogs can learn. It is also considered a transition phase as after the pet learns to sit, it can rapidly learn other tricks.

The dogs that have learnt the sit command are much calmer, and it is easy to control them. You simply give them the command of sitting, and they will right away follow you.

To teach them the sitting command, you simply need a treat and some patience. Hold the treat near their nose. Start moving it away from them and see if they follow it.

Once the dog has followed the treat and their bottoms are on the ground, say ‘sit’ and give them the treat. Lastly show them, love once they do this. Repeat this until it has mastered the command. Your dog from Alabama humane society can easily learn this trick.

Shaking Paw

Teaching the shake command is easy as dogs usually raise their paws to take a treat. To teach your pet this command, first, ask it to sit in a sitting position. Once the dog is in a sitting position, move a treat towards their paw.

Once the dog moves its paw towards the treat, you just need to verbally say shake. Appreciate your dog when it does this. Now repeat the same steps and keep increasing the height of your hand.

Always use the same paw to train, and once it has learned the trick, you can switch the paw.


Waving is a fairly easy and fun trick; you can teach your pup or dog. You can teach your dog how to wave after they have learned the shaking paw command.

You will be using the same tricks as you used to teach shake command—this is one of the cutest tricks your dog will do to seek attention.

Ask your dog to shake the paw when it reaches out the paw to shake, move your hands further away. When you move your hand up, the dog will also move it to shake the paw with your hand.

Once it does this, simply appreciate them and give them a treat. You need to keep repeating until it has learned the command like a pro.


Come is another important command that you must teach your dog. This helps you to develop a grip when the dog is not wearing a collar. This also comes in handy when the grip on the leash is lost and the door is open. You can give this command to stop it from going out.

To teach this command, attach a collar or leash around your dog’s neck.  Go on your knees to the dog’s level and gently pull the leash verbally, saying ‘come’. When it comes to you, give it a treat. Like all other commands, repeat this to make the dog pro in this.

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