Are you a dog parent and if you have no idea whether dogs have belly buttons or not? If yes, this article can be helpful for all new dog parents. Most people have no idea about these complicated little parts in dogs.

If you have the same question, do dogs have belly buttons and how you can find them, keep on reading this article.

The answer to the question is pretty simple and clear, yes dogs have belly buttons. In fact, all mammals have belly buttons as part of their growth process.


What is a belly button in dogs?

Belly buttons are a type of scar that is left when the umbilical cords are broken during the process of birth. All puppies have umbilical when they are in their mother’s womb. This umbilical cord helps in getting the nutrition inside the womb.

When a puppy is born, the umbilical cord is cut, and then the healing process begins. For puppies, the umbilical cords are a little less volumetric, and they are simpler as compared to the umbilical cords in humans.


What happens to the umbilical cord when a puppy is born?

When a puppy is born, the mother chews away the umbilical cord. The remaining part of the umbilical cord is still stuck inside the puppy’s stomach. After a few seconds, the rest part gets dried off and then it is removed automatically.


Why is it challenging to find the belly buttons in dogs?

Finding belly buttons in humans is pretty easy as it is visible from outside. But, finding the belly buttons in dogs can be quite challenging. This is a challenging process because of the following reasons:

  1. The scar left in the stomach of a puppy is pretty small as compared to a human. In addition to this, the scar heals itself quite quickly and easily and thus, and it can be quite difficult for dogs to find the scar.
  2. The belly buttons in dogs are not out, and they are flat. Unlike in a human, you can easily touch the belly button as they are protruding outside. But, the scar and the belly button in the dog is not protruding, and even if you touch the area, you won’t be able to find them.
  3. Dogs have very fine furs on their stomach, and thus, it can be quite difficult to search the belly button.


How to find the belly buttons in dogs?

Finding belly buttons in dogs can seem challenging. But, if you read the guide, you will find the process to be a lot easier. Use this step to find belly button in your dog pretty easily:

  • Use your hand to feel the belly button area.
  • Find the ribcage of your dog and move its centre
  • Follow the rib cage down to the last rib.
  • Move your hand just below the rib cage and make sure that you are still near the middle region.
  • The area is often flanked by nipples, and you will feel a small line in the middle of their underside.
  • This part is their belly button.
  • You may not find it pretty quickly, but if you pay attention, you will find it within 10-12 minutes.


Health concerns associated with dog

If your dog’s belly buttons are protruding, it can be a health concern. It is something that your vet must be aware of. Thus, if you find a protruding belly button, it’s time to take your dog to a vet.

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