Now that you’ve packed years’ worth of belongings into a tower of cardboard boxes, it’s time to cross off those high-priority tasks off your pre-moving day checklist. 

Are your utilities shut off? Have you given your new address to the post office and arranged for any mail to be forwarded? Don’t forget to return any library books that may still be floating around, as well as cancel any gym memberships at your local facilities. 

While it may seem as though you have an unending to-do list, it’s crucial to prioritize the last-minute moving day essentials, such as booking car shipping services from providers like Guardian Auto Transport ( Once you have that taken care of, you can worry about other last-minute moving preparations, like creating a moving essentials box.

The moving essentials box

Consider this to be your “open first” box. Once you arrive at your final destination and cross the threshold into your forever home, this box should hold all the critically important items you can’t manage to live without, such as toiletries, medications, and changes of clothing. Before cramming in multiple outfit changes and your toddler’s beloved Mr. Bear, confirm that you’ve stored essential documents and pertinent ID in this open-first box. 

Another must-have that often slips stressed-out movers’ minds? Scissors. When juggling restless little ones, moving professionals in need of direction, and unexpected messes (i.e., broken furniture and footprint-stained staircases), the last thing you want to deal with on moving day is stubborn packing tape. Imagine realizing you need to unearth something from a packed box and having no way to open it. A complete disaster!

If you are moving with kids or pets, keep snacks, toys, and other entertainment handy. Don’t forget your electronics’s cables, as it’s vital to keep your phone charged. For those overachievers squeezing in virtual work meetings or urgent emails between unpacking, you’ll need to recharge your laptop’s drained battery.  

The benefits of a moving essentials box

A moving essentials box is just as the name implies— essential. You need to be able to deal with any crisis that arrives— whether that be a tornado of paperwork (Lucky for you, you have your essential documents packed), a screaming child (How convenient that you thought to set aside their favorite toys!), or wanting to freshen up after a weary travel day (Isn’t it great you have your toiletries and a change of clothes?), you’ll be prepared to handle it. The relief of knowing you will have everything you need (even if all the rest of your belongings are stored away in boxes) will lighten your emotional load. 

Wrap up

Creating a moving essentials box should be part of your last-minute moving preparations, along with making sure your car is ready for the journey, packing those last few boxes, and looking over the house one last time. 

To ensure a mishap-free move, confirm that you have a parking space available for the moving truck and that your pre-labeled boxes are ready for their cross-country journey. As a final step, close or transfer any accounts (such as banking, gym or yoga memberships, etc.) to your new location. 

Once you’ve checked off your to-do list, you can wave goodbye to neighbors, go-to restaurants, and sites of lifelong memories.  

Moving can be stressful— but you can make it significantly less stressful by sticking with your pre-moving day checklist and carving out the time to organize a moving essentials box. 

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