Moving to a new state is a wonderful way to see another part of the country and make a change in your life. There are new road trips you can take, new local festivals to attend, and regional food and sports teams to embrace. However, with all of the benefits of trying something new, there are risks. Before you move, consider these five factors that could affect your lifestyle.

1. The Local Real Estate Market

If you follow real estate trends, you might hear what is changing on a national level. Interest rates and home demand change based on factors like employment and the stock market. However, these markets are also finicky on a regional and local level. While your market may be stable where you currently live, house prices could be skyrocketing in the state where you want to move. For example, right now you can buy a home in Indianapolis for under $100,000. Compare this to Colorado, where the same Denver house will sell fast for $400,000-$500,000.

To get the information you need, use a site like Nalula, which strives to provide transparency on current market conditions. Submit your desired zip code to learn whether you are looking in a buyer’s or seller’s market (which will determine how aggressive you can be with negotiations) and filter houses to see which are the best deals or which homes offer the best price per square foot. You have control over what you define is good or bad.

2. Schools in the Area

Moving with children is considerably more complex.  If you plan to move (no follow link to  placed on the anchor ”move” ) in the middle of the school year, your child will need to catch up with the new class and make new friends after everyone else has established friend groups. You may even need to hire tutoring services.  HelloThinkster, for example, offers online math tutoring, to help them with the transition. Your child can use a tutor for basic K-12 tutoring, or sign up for specialized tutoring for the ACT and SAT. Their one-on-one private tutoring sessions can even help with more complex subjects such as trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.

Try to plan your move over the summer so your kids can start fresh with their peers. Also, look into the schools in the area to decide which neighborhoods you want to live in. This ensures your child will be challenged and have enough opportunities available to them.

3. Seasonal Weather Preparation

If you are moving to a new part of the country, you might not be ready for different weather. These conditions can dramatically impact your move – or at least catch you off guard. For example, it already snowed in Colorado this year in early September. Meanwhile, Florida and Louisiana are in peak hurricane season through the end of October, and residents who live in these locations need to evacuate or bunker down if a storm comes through.

It is better to move to a new state during a mild part of the year where you can prepare for extreme temperatures ahead of time.

4. Community Connections

Many people dream about moving to a rural area with acres of land and opportunities to connect with nature. While these dreams become realities for some, other people aren’t prepared for rural life. They want to join community groups and enjoy the nightlife and excitement that comes with a city.

Consider your social needs as you look at different states. Will you be able to find a church you want to attend? Are there clubs for sports you like? This will make the move easier and less lonely.

5. Changes to Your Home

One of the best parts about moving is purchasing a house that is built for that region and provides a new layout for you and your family. Before you start looking, evaluate your current home and decide if anything needs to change in your search criteria. For example, if you have twins who share a bedroom, you may want to consider looking for a home where they could sleep separately. You might also want a home office if you are transitioning to remote work.

Knowing these criteria ahead of time can help you get a house you love.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you in your state or city. You can move to any state you choose, but make sure you do your research first and know what to expect going in.


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