Moving is hardly likely to make it to the top of most people’s ‘fun thing to do list’ but regardless, for most of us it’s inevitable at some point in our lives, often several times.

What makes moving such a chore?

How much time do you have? There are dozens of things that make moving home a pain, including:

      The cost

      The time

      The stress

      The inconvenience

The good news is that there are several ways to reduce or eliminate the negative issues associated with moving, and at the crux is making the decision to hire a professional moving company to take some (or most) of the strain.

Here we look in more detail at exactly why it’s well worth hiring a professional moving company the next time you move.

Advantage 1 – It’s so much faster

This is an especially good thing if you are particularly short of time, say the lease on your current place is nearly up, or you got a new job elsewhere that starts very soon. However, even if you have no time limit it’s always good to get moving over and done with as soon as you can – there’s always that unpacking at the other end to think about. Professional movers know what they have to do and they get on with it. They are efficient too, as their experience means they know which furniture and other items to take when, choosing the order so things fit properly into the truck.

If you have young children, elderly parents, pets or any combination of these to take care of on top of moving then hiring professional movers should be a priority for sure.

Advantage 2 – Someone else does the heavy lifting

Everybody has that one piece of awkward sized furniture that defies physics – it must be able to come out as, after all, it went in, but it still takes six people and a crane to get it out this time. Then there are the heavy items, the type that cause back sprains, hernias and such like, and don’t forget the expensive and fragile treasures that need extra special care and effort when being moved. Why put yourself through that if it can be avoided.

Plus, it’s usual to have family and friends help out of there are no professional movers involved. How would you feel if they got injured moving your things? Would you feel comfortable asking them to be extra careful? It’s definitely tricky.

Advantage 3 – Long distance moves are so much easier

Whether you are moving to a new place a few states away or right across the entire country you’re looking at covering an awful lot of miles. For this kind of move you really need to look at long distance moving companies when choosing who to have help you (or go right to hire Sacramento movers).


Experienced long distance movers are used to covering many miles of road, in all weathers. They have resources to store your possessions both on route and at the other end if there is a wait before you can move into the new place.


Advantage 4 – Professional movers know all about safety

Good practice is important in a situation where someone could easily get hurt. From the correct way to lift things to avoid injury, to how best to pack the truck to keep your precious things safe, professional movers bring peace of mind. Imagine how you would cope if you or one of your friends or family members injured themselves helping you move. (If you ever plan to ask people to help as a favor do check you have liability insurance – as a legal demand for their lost earnings and medical bills is the last thing you need.)

You should check, but professional movers are supposed to be insured, and you can even choose one based partly on them having a fair and decent policy should the worst happen to any of your belongings.

Advantage 5 – You are paying for reliability

When you hire professional movers you are buying a service, and be sure they will show on the day agreed, and do the job they are paid for. They are also committed to doing a great job as their reputation depends on it. As much as you may want to rely on friends and family to do the same it doesn’t always work out, and complaining about that isn’t a viable option.

Advantage 6 – Movers have specialist equipment

From dollies to move boxes, to hoists for lifting heavy items, professional house movers carry the special requirement they need with them. They also have tools, and all the things needed to protect, stow, and secure items properly inside the truck, reducing the risk of damage while on the move.

Advantage 7 – You can tap into optional extras

Many professional moving companies offer an add-on full packing service, which can be invaluable for the time starved, the disabled, or pretty much anyone who would prefer not to have the stress of packing in stages and living with boxes cluttering up their home for weeks or months on end. A full packing service means you only need to prepare a bag of items to access immediately on arrival, and make sure you throw away things like old food from the refrigerator and empty the trash. (Some of them will pack literally everything!)

Storage is another option you may like or need to have on hand. Sometimes it is not possible to make a move from place A to place B in one day, and if there is a hitch, such as a delay in the legal paperwork, you may find you need to find a place to keep your furniture and possessions safe and dry until they can be moved in. Professional movers may offer this option, while a DIY move means organizing all that, including unloading the truck at the storage point, then reloading it for the final move.

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