Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, especially if you’re moving with roommates, but with the help of the following ten tips, it should start to feel a lot less intimidating.


Collaborate on the Move


Work together with your roommates to make the process of moving easier. Help them to pack and ask them to help you in return. This will make the process much more fun for both of you and save time.

Prepare for the Move with the Right Vehicle


Hire or borrow a truck that will have the space and capabilities that you need for your move.  Just keep the following points in mind:


  • Keep the heavier and longer furniture parallel to the truck’s front
  • Furniture goes in first and at the back, with the heaviest and boxiest items forming the base
  • Boxes go in second, followed by lighter top loads such as chairs, pillows etc.
  • Boxes should be arranged in accordance with their size

Accept that You Can’t Carry Everything


There’s a limit to how much stuff you can carry with you, especially when you are sharing living space with others.

Be Prepared to Break Off the Arrangement


Living with another person or multiple other people for a long period of time is not an easy decision. If you don’t get the right vibes, you should have the mental preparation to break it off before committing.

Tell them What to Expect


When you move to a new place with your roommates, it is important to mention the kind of lifestyle you will lead in your new home, such as if you want to take on a pet or host lots of parties. This will mean that you’ll all be prepared when you move to your new home.

Ask What to Expect from Them


There is no guarantee that everyone will always be honest about everything, but the more info you can have, the better.

Be Prepared for Sacrifices


You may gain a lot of freedom if it’s your first move out of your parent’s home, but you will likely lose a few of the comforts as well, so be prepared for that.

Set Your Bases Straight


By “bases” we mean the bare minimums or the basic rules which you need your roommates to abide by. It should only concern the personal aspects of your living arrangement though.

Expect Things to be a Little Topsy-Turvy Initially


No roommate arrangement can be as exactly as you want it to be, which can feel like a problem, especially if you are an only child. As long as you have the bases cleared with your roommates, enjoy a bit of confusion; it will settle in a short while.


The general idea is to keep an open mind, prepare beforehand, and prioritize your safety. Hopefully by now, you are feeling a bit less tentative about moving in with roommates than before, because by the time you arrive in your large truck, all prepared to make your relocation a success, they are probably going to be less prepared than you.



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