We all have different eye shapes and want people to see the best in them. Let’s first start with the four broad types of eyelash extensions and then explore how they can be best used for your eye shape.

Types of Extensions

There are five broad extension types – doll, staggered, cat and natural – that can all be used in different ways to change the way your eyes appear.

  • Doll Eyelashes: These are longer eyelashes with more volume in the center.
  • Cat Eyelashes: These have greater volume and or length toward the outside of the eyes and are shorter toward the nose.
  • Staggered: These are a mix of longer and shorter lashes that can help with the appearance of volume
  • Natural: These respect the natural curvature of the eyes and enhance the lashes you have already.
  • Colored: Ranging from the conservative blacks and browns to artificial ones like hot pink, fluorescent orange or green, these are for occasions when you want to make a statement!

Each lash can be shorter or longer, curved to a greater or lesser amount and can have greater or lesser volume as your technician sees fit for the look you seek.

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Eye Shapes and the Right Extensions

In these five examples we will show you which of the five types above may suit you.

Eyes Wide Apart

Longer doll lashes will help your eyes appear to be closer together.

Avoid cat eyelashes as these can make your eyes appear further apart.

Eyes Closer Together

Cat eyelashes can make your eyes seem slightly further apart. The opposite effect to that of those that are wide apart, it’s best not to use doll eyelash extensions as they can make your eyes seem closer together.

Bigger Eyes

Here you can have fun with longer, straighter eyelash extensions that have larger volume as they will draw people to your eyes. Doll lashes our staggered lashes are excellent in this case.

You could even extend your lashes with the natural look too.

Smaller Eyes

Shorter eyelash extensions will allow the eyes to appear slightly larger. If there are more pronounced curves to the lashes so they can appear to make your eyes bigger too.

Do avoid longer lashes as they can make your eyes seem smaller.

Deep-set Eyes

The doll lash extensions can make them appear more open. Cat eye extensions can do the reverse.

eyelash extensions

Colored Lashes!

Though not for any specific shape of eye, the funky colored lashes can be great for any occasion where you want to convey some fun, be it at a prom, wedding or festival.

The natural look may be used for you should you have dyed your head hair and want to make your eyelashes match your head.

The Takeaway

Your eyelash technician will be able to give you advice on the matter to help you choose the right look for you. An experienced one with good reviews should be able to point you in the right direction.

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