Lately, there has been a concern about why is caviar so expensive? Caviar is one of the much-loved foods preferred by the royals for ages. As it is expensive today, it has always been from history. But there is a genuine reason why the caviar costs so much. Let’s dig in deep!

What is caviar?

Basically, the term caviar has its relation to the Persian language, which literally means “egg-bearing”. As its name is, it is a salt-treated roe (of unfertilized eggs) driven from the fish of the family Acipenseridae. The specific type of fish – Sturgeon, is harvested for making the roe. This food has a touch of fine delicacy and can be consumed separately, by garnishing on any other complementing food, or as a spread.

Why are the caviar costs so high?

The range of price of caviar varies from type to type. The average caviar price per 30 gm is about 50$ to 75$. Among this category, the Beluga caviar is the most expensive one due to its rarity and high-quality roe. Its prices keep on elevating. Although the concerned fish is bred on a large scale, still its price keeps on increasing. This is because it takes more than a decade to complete the process. Isn’t that too much time and effort of people behind its maintenance and care? This price is worth paying once you know that the process behind was that complex and lengthy.

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Previously, the process of extracting eggs was much more complicated and unethical as well, as it involved the killing of the fishes to dig out eggs. But now there has been the development of advanced technical methods which help the harvesters to extract eggs without harming the fish. 

Where to find the best caviar in the world?

Comparatively, Beluga caviar is the best caviar in the world. The high-quality caviar can be bought from a London-based company, Caspian Monarque, which has a promising quality of various types of caviars driven from the Caspian sea. These Iranian caviars are most tempting and each differs in taste, color, texture, and delicacy. Caspian Monarque is an authentic platform where you get surprisingly a good variety of caviars including Iranian Beluga Caviar, Almas Caviar, Sevruga Caviar, Osetra Caviar, and Sturgeon Caviar. One must visit for experiencing these divine gastronomical treats.

How to eat Caviar?

Since the caviar possesses a splendid taste, one can simply eat it as it is with crackers. Many people like eating it directly right from the tin to enjoy its original taste. The common things that can be eaten in combination with caviar are sour cream, lemon, creme fraiche, egg yolks, cooked and chopped egg whites, and minced onions. But it is suggested to people who are going to experience caviar for the first time, to eat caviar as it is! this would let you know how actually it is a luxurious food.

You can also have your desired drink with it to enjoy the caviar time.

Nutritious value of a caviar

Because it is driven from a sea, it is understood that it has a considerable amount of cholesterol and salt. The ones who are medically not allowed to have such food should take a limited portion of it. Besides, caviar has been celebrated as one of the nutrient full food, being a good source of vitamins including A and D, and also omega-3 fatty acids – according to some research, it’s an antidepressant. The nutrition present in the caviar help retain memory and increase the body capacity, blood flow, and vasodilation.

In short, caviar is the most expensive or royal food which is worth taking a taste of and I bet you would love it. If you are a seafood lover, then you should quickly grab one tin for yourself and enjoy this heavenly taste of Caspian pearls.

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