Often times when you’re dressed to the nines at some fancy event, you have to wait around for food. You wait for the festivities to complete, the food to be served, and then you have to wait until everyone at your table has their meal. Personally, by this time, my blood sugar is running on E and I run the risk of saying some pretty awful things. If I were wearing this Gummy Bear Dress, I would be A.OK. Just take a few from the bottom, then a few from the top, and by then end of the night it’s like a wardrobe change. My floor-length gown is now a sexy little number, thanks to a few hungry folks.

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  1. robotmoth

    it’s probably the closest the skeletal man-woman wearing it has ever been to a calorie.

  2. Dianna

    Think about all of the gummies that gave their lives for that dress…

    RIP little dudes.