It’s a different sugar and carbohydrate metabolism, a lot of people find that their energy level goes up a bit when they get into ketosis. If you find that your energy is going up, then you’re going to feel more motivated to do the things that are good for weight loss like exercising. One of the best ways for engaging yourself with the keto lifestyle is by exploring the Keto Trim website.

Don’t be discouraged by stalls in weight loss

Weight loss often slows down after the first week or two because your body has not yet adjusted to using fat as an energy source instead of glucose from carbs.

So, you’ve decided to give Keto a shot. Congratulations are in order! Keto can be an amazing lifestyle for your health and fitness goals. However, the diet is not perfect. Keto has its fair share of annoyances and traps that can derail your progress if you aren’t careful…  

…BUT DON’T WORRY! I’m here to save the day with my 12 tips for Keto Diet success. These are the guidelines I follow when I’m on Keto or Fat Fast (another weight loss regimen)  and have had great results.  They might save you from making the same mistakes I did when I first started Keto! From what types of food contain carbs to how many calories keto is,  you can find it all here.  

How Keto Works

Ketosis is a fat-burning state your body enters when you eat a Keto diet. This happens if you eat less than 20g of net carbs per day. To break down what that means… Carbs are found in many foods like pieces of bread, portions of pasta, fruits, and veggies! Keto fans avoid these foods because they contain carbohydrates. Keto restricts a select list of high-carb foods to achieve ketosis. This list typically includes grains, starchy vegetables, and legumes/beans. Kose who enter ketosis will experience a drop in appetite which makes it easier to reduce the daily intake of food – resulting in weight loss! In addition, Keto fans flood their bodies with fats to show the liver that it doesn’t need to release its stores of glucose. The liver, in turn, will begin converting fat into ketones which your body uses as energy!

Ketogenic foods vs Keto “no-no” foods

Normally, when you eat foods high in carbs they are broken down into sugar (glucose) so they can be used by your cells. This triggers an insulin response which makes you feel hungry after eating. Keto restricts these high carb foods so there is no insulin release and – consequently – you won’t feel hungry after eating Keto compatible foods.  

Fat Fast vs Keto Diet 

Keto and Fat Fast have a lot in common but with a few important differences. Keto and Fat Fast restrict the number of carbs you eat daily but Keto allows more flexibility in your diet (such as small amounts of dark chocolate and Kool-Aid). Keto and Kool-Aid also, Keto is used for long periods of time with intermittent fasting whereas Fat Fast is not.

Keto Diet is a specific way of eating with the goal of putting your body into Ketosis so that it has no choice but to burn fat for energy.  There are many Keto-related products on the market, all potentially helpful in speeding up the process.  This article outlines some tried and true techniques for Keto’s success.

1) Go Keto Slowly Don’t dive headfirst into Keto!  

If you jump in too fast you will likely experience Keto Flu. Keto flu can be miserable; symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue.  To avoid this start slowly by gradually reducing carbohydrate intake over a couple of weeks time while simultaneously increasing fat intake  

2) Don’t Eat Keto without Tracking. Keto is a restricted diet.  

You need to know what you are eating in order to stay Keto!  To accomplish this, track your food intake using an app that can track your ketosis process.

Healthy meal prep containers with green beans, chicken breast and broccoli. A set of food for keto diet in lunchbox on a dark concrete background. Top view

3) Don’t Eat Keto without Meal Planning Keto is restrictive. 

 The least complicated way of Keto success is to use meal plans that tell you exactly what to eat.  

4) Don’t Skip Meals 

Don’t Skip Meals while Keto Hunger can be intense when starting Keto.  Your body is shifting from using glucose as fuel to Keto and will need its energy from fat stores.  Invest in Keto snacks. Keto snacks can be helpful with Keto success because they prevent you from giving in to hunger without compromising your Keto diet.

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