As the past year has proved definitively, in the twenty-first century economy, delivery is king. As brick-and-mortar shops struggle to weather the economy uncertainty of 2020, delivery services have proven again and again that their flexible, customer-centric approach is a more resilient and convenient model.

But while the retail landscape is dominated by giants like Amazon, a cohort of smaller, bespoke grocery delivery services are proving that when it comes to food, smaller and more specialized delivery services are the way to go.

Here are three reasons why these more innovative, niche approaches to grocery delivery might be the future of grocery shopping.

1. Delivery Connects Shoppers with Premium Products

The sheer availability of goods these days means that most people are free to develop highly specific tastes, whether that be in books, clothing, music, or food. And one of the benefits of specialized grocery delivery services is that they make it easier for people to find and order exactly the foods they’re looking for.

For example, when you order from a meat delivery service like truLOCAL, you have your choice of a wide range of local, sustainable meats including chicken, pork, wild-caught fish and grass-fed beef. This makes it a lot easier to shop for high-end meats that are guaranteed to be from small farms and producers without having to hunt through artisanal butcher shops.

2. Delivery Empowers Local Economies

Due to the success of major e-commerce businesses, delivery has tended to be associated with large, disruptive corporations. But small businesses are starting to realize that delivery can be a way of broadening their own reach and connecting with new customers.

Especially in the grocery delivery space, bespoke, specialized services are making the most of delivery as a way to connect consumers with local produce and meats from farms that have been hit hard by the economic downturn.

Though it might seem counter-intuitive, one of the best ways for small-scale artisanal farms to survive in the current climate might be through online delivery services that connect them with consumers looking for mail order steaks.

3. Subscription Delivery Automates Your Order

Ordering groceries online is easier than going to a grocery store, which is one of the main reasons it has taken off so quickly. But even better than one-time online delivery is the option to sign up for a subscription service that automates your order, ensuring that the food you love arrives regularly so you never run out.

With a subscription service, you get the food you want when you want it, which makes home cooking easier and ensures you don’t waste time and money on regular trips to the supermarket.

There’s no question that delivery has reshaped the modern retail landscape. And while there are concerns about how large corporations are using delivery to cut out the competition, the last year has shown that bespoke delivery services can also be a powerful tool for consumers to connect with farmers producing high quality meat and vegetables. Try it yourself to see if grocery delivery is right for you!


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