This is a short clip from the The Nightly Show featuring John Legend singing Gordon Ramsay insults. The chef even joins in at the end! Is he a good singer? Well, I’m not going to say yes, because that would be lying, but I’m also not going to say no, because that would be rude and THE LAST THING I want to do is insult Gordon Ramsay. Well, that, and my taxes. I really really do not wanna do my taxes, you guys. I would do literally anything including insult Gordon Ramsey in order to avoid that whole process. And I realize that is contradictory to my previous statement, but I’ve had some time (~30 seconds) to think about it and that’s what I have decided — that I would totally insult Gordon Ramsay in order to avoid doing my taxes this year. SO! Who is going to take me up on this?

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